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  1. 1. The Mission Jennifer S. Groff
  2. 2. What should students learn in the 21st Century?
  3. 3. Yet$Curriculum$has$evolved$slowly Greek,)Latin Contemporary)Languages)incl.)2nd)languageLanguage Reading,)Writing Literature Oratory Rhetoric Grammar,)Handwriting,)Spelling MusicHumanities Art Philosophy)&)Ethics History Arithmetic Geometry AstronomySTEM Algebra,)Trigonometry,) Calculus) Biology,)Chemistry,)Physics Renaissance( Ancient( Early( &( Modern( Greece(&( Christianity(&( Enlightenme Industrial(Era Rome( Middle(Ages nt
  4. 4. With$a$special$“Thank$You”$to$the$ Founda<on$Henri$Moserfor$its$founding$support$and$trust, and$our$exis<ng$partners
  5. 5. And$thrown$intoVola<lity$ Uncertainty$ $ Complexity$ $ $ Ambiguity Source:$US$Army$War$College,$2001 © Charles Fadel – All Rights Reserved
  6. 6. Accelerating Change Demands Different Skills e.g. consultants e.g. engineers e.g. assembly work e.g. paperwork e.g. plumbing © Charles Fadel – All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. Source:$$“Tough$Choices$or$Tough$Times”$2007,$Na<onal$center$on$educa<on$and$the$economy IN#MORE#DEVELOPED#COUNTRIESRace%up%the%Value%Chain © Charles Fadel – All Rights Reserved
  8. 8. Students$beg$for$relevance © Charles Fadel – All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. Relevance$is$a$choice Applied Discrete Numbers & Statistics & Topology &Discipline (below) Algebra Maths Calculus Mathematics Foundations Geometry Operations Probability Recreational Complex Analysis, Automata, Curves, Arithmetic Matrices, Distributions, Knots, Figures, systems, Transforms, Graphs, Dimensions, operations, Operations, Sets, Logic etc Analysis, Folding, Spaces, Control, Game Polynomials, Computational Trans-formations, Fractions, Vectors etc Estimation, etc etcX represents theory, etc etc maths etc Trigonometry, etc Sequences, etcsignificant usage inAnthropology X XArchitecture X X X X XArt/Design X X XBiology (genetics, zoology, etc) X X X X X X X XBusiness X X X X X XCivil engineering X X X X X X X XComputer science X X X X X X X X XEconomics X X X X X X X XElectrical engineering X X X X X X XGeology/Geography X X X XHistory X XLaw X XLinguistics X X XMechanical engineering X X X X X X X XMedicine/Pharmacy X X XMusic X XNeuroscience X X X X X X XPhilosophy X X XPhysics X X X X X X X X XPsychology X X X X X XSociology X X
  10. 10. Versatility as a strategy Broad Knowledge T m Single vs Multiple Deep Expertise m-shaped Individual, not just T-shaped
  11. 11. Expanding the MindsetCourtesy of Olin President Richard Miller © Charles Fadel – All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. “Event Horizon”: What if formal education cannot catch up ?
  13. 13. …deeply$embedding$realPworld$needs$(Math&as&example&here) Board&of&Advisors (Incl.&Jurisdic<ons) 5&full><me&CCR&team:&synthesis 5#Math#Curriculum# Experts#(3x,#1#reporCng): Math#SME#organizaCons: •Algebra • IMU •Arithme<c • NCTM •Calculus • MAA •Geometry Curriculum • AMS •Stats$&$Probs SMEs • EMS 5#Star#Math#Teachers: 20##Successful#PracCConers: •Algebra •Art/Design •Arithme<c •Art/Performing Teacher Subject& •Calculus •Business$(entrepreneur) •Geometry SMEs SMEs •Communica<ons/Media •Stats$&$Probs •Construc<on/Architecture 5#Star#Academics:#(will# •Engineering$(EE$or$ME) represent#disciplines# •Farming/Fishing/Forestry broadly) •Finance •Biology/Biotech/Chemistry Academics Prac%%oners •Law •Economics/Business •Manufacturing •Philosophy/Literature •Medicine/Nursing •Physics/Engineering •Retail$(owner) •Psychology/Sociology •Transporta<on/Logis<cs © Charles Fadel – All Rights Reserved
  14. 14. …gathering$global$views$&$socializing • 200&essays Publish&online& and&as&book Luminaries Teachers • 20,000&&teachers • 200,000&students Students • 2&Million&parents Web>based&surveys,& publish&online Public • 2&Billion&items Webcha]er Analysis&of&tweets,& blogs,&searches&etc. Publish&online © Charles Fadel – All Rights Reserved
  15. 15. Tes<monial$from$our$24PyearPold$webmasterhPp:// © Charles Fadel – All Rights Reserved
  16. 16. Formal(Learning Informal(Learning digital technologies improving supplemen%ng Exis%ng(Providers Our&Locus&? learner# ownership New((Entrants reinven%ng New3paradigmSource:$Innova<on$Unit © Charles Fadel – All Rights Reserved
  17. 17. y rac L ite sm rs hip tal rnali eu igi u n D Jo re pre & t En Arts cs b otiRo Geog raphy So cia lS tu di es ges h s e at Langua ienc M Sc
  18. 18. Fu tu re s M St ud et ac ies Ch og a ni y ra ac tiv r c ite sm hip Sk te e L rs al nali ill r t e u igi ur s D Jo p ren & tre En Arts s o tic b Ro Geog raphy So cia lS tu di es ges s h e at Langua ienc M e nc Sc ie o sc ur Ne
  19. 19. MetacognitiveSkillsCharacter Tra Kno dition iona l wle al it dge on-Trad N
  20. 20. Timeline Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q22012 2013 2013 2013 2013 2014 2014 2014 2014 2015 2015 Math Science / STEM FUTURISTS NEUROSCIENCE CHARACTER