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Patient satisfaction


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Communication and Customer Service in Hospitals - Fragale

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Patient satisfaction

  1. 1. Our FutureOur CommitmentOur Responsibility Saint Joseph Hospital Any town, USA
  2. 2. Communication Plan to Improve Patient SatisfactionSaint Joseph HospitalAny town, USA
  3. 3. Phase OneIntroduction to HCAHPS Training Leadership Meeting In today’s training session we will: Explain the HCHPS survey, it’s impact and how it will be implemented at our facility Show sample data previously submitted to CMS Show area of strength and weakness Go forward plan for improvement Tools to share in your departmental meetings Mandatory sign-in sheets for all employees acknowledging attendance at departmental meeting and training received.
  4. 4. Phase Two:Commitment to Each Other Training for hospital leaders and providing tools for communicating with each other. Use The Great Employee Handbook by Quint Studer as training materials Training provided at new-hire employee orientation Ongoing training at monthly departmental level meetings with role-playing scenarios to acknowledge understanding by all of the staff. Implement reward/recognition system for those employees who go the extra mile.
  5. 5. Phase Three:AIDET Roll out AIDET training to all hospital leadership. Mandatory training for all staff who come in contact with patients, family or visitors Provide AIDET scripting reminders on bulletin boards in all break rooms. Managers to do daily rounding on patients and monitor staff complying with AIDET process Make compliance to this model part of employee performance evaluations so staff is certain of its importance. Monitor and evaluate HCAHPS scores for areas of opportunity by clinical area Recognize those clinical areas that consistently maintain high scores or make big improvements in scores.
  6. 6. AIDET Acknowledge the patient Introduce Yourself Duration Explain Thank ature=related