Developing An Effective Email Introduction


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In this 30 min audio-enabled presentation you will learn how to warm up potential leads through targeted email introductions. This is proven methodology for getting your opportunities on the phone and engaged!

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  • Remember you are trying to get the engaged and clicking on links…
  • Active words:Useful, opportunity, willing, connect, discuss, meet, join, reach, etc.Passive words to avoid:Help, helping, try, trying, could, should, allow, allowing, please, etc. SPAM words to avoid:Free, No Cost, Immediately, Hello, Do Not Respond, $ [any value], Cash, You’re Invited, Save [any amount], ALL CAPS, Premium, Urgent, Act Now, RE:, etc.
  • Still Not Getting Good Open/Click-Thru Results?Change it up but keep it relevantCIO Example: “3 Opportunities with Application Integration”
  • Your Message is the “meat” of your storyRemember that every story has a beginning, middle and endRemember that you can alter the tone of the message by changingfonts, colors and using italics
  • Before you begin emailing you should have already connected socially (if possible) via LinkedIn, FB or other.If you do find that you connected make certain that you are asking your network to pass your connection request along.
  • Developing An Effective Email Introduction

    3. 3. Today’s ObjectivesEXTRAORDINARY INSIGHT ● Understand the VALUE of Email Introductions ● Open and Click-thru rates ● Improving Email Open and Click-Thru Rates ● Subject Line and the First 10 words ● Formatting Your Email ● Solution, Subject, Message, Call-2-Action, Signature ● Follow On ● Message evolution 1st, 2nd and 3rd contact CONVERGENCE READINESS, INC
    4. 4. Email is Effective 1st Contact ToolEXTRAORDINARY INSIGHT ● Email is still one of the most effective ways to reach new customers ● Email as a first outreach will improve your cold calling response rate CONVERGENCE READINESS, INC
    5. 5. Improving Opens and Click-Thru’sEXTRAORDINARY INSIGHT ● The Email Subject is YOUR KEY ● Keeps you away from SPAM filters ● Stands out in a sea of other email ● THE SUBJECT IS THE PRIMARY REASON PEOPLE OPEN EMAIL! ● Go to your inbox right now ● Look at the subject of an opened and unopened email ● What is the major difference between the two? ● The opened email subject line is RELEVANT to you ● Short and to the point; never ambiguous or sketchy CONVERGENCE READINESS, INC
    6. 6. Start with an Extraordinary SubjectEXTRAORDINARY INSIGHT ● More Art than Science so here are some guidelines to follow: ● Keep it short – 40 to 50 characters in length ● Use a Thesaurus – There are better [more effective] words ● Write to your Target – people in different positions use different [distinctive] words ● CEO [Profitable], CFO [Lucrative], CIO [Useful], Sales [Margin Rich] ● Write with Confidence {and in Times New Roman} ● Most books are written in TNR (familiar) ● Speak in an active voice ● Stay away from “passive” and “SPAM” words CONVERGENCE READINESS, INC
    7. 7. The First 10 Words (After the Subject)EXTRAORDINARY INSIGHT ● Many people have an email “preview” screen up in there inbox ● Useful when you want to “browse” through many emails without actually having to open them Most people stop reading here: CONVERGENCE READINESS, INC
    8. 8. How to Write in 10 wordsEXTRAORDINARY INSIGHT ● Step 1: Write it out in as many words as you think it takes: ● Mr. Jones, Application integration is recognized by many industry analysts as THE strategy to improve operational efficiency ● Step 2: Delete and collapse words ● Mr. Jones, Industry analysts agree; App Integration improves operational efficiency ● Step 3: Break out the Thesaurus (and font variables) ● Mr. Jones, Thought leaders agree that Application Integration increases operational efficiency. CONVERGENCE READINESS, INC
    9. 9. How to Write in 10 wordsEXTRAORDINARY INSIGHT ● Step 4: Check your Target ● Is the body of the message written in the language spoken by my target? ● CEO – No. Too many technology terms ● Try: Mr. Jones, Make you business more efficient by connecting people to processes ● CFO – No. Not enough financial terms ● Try: Mr. Jones, Reduce the expense commonly associated with missed or delayed communications. ● CIO – Yes. Strategic, visionary and RELEVANT ● Mr. Jones, Thought leaders agree that Application Integration increases operational efficiency. ● Step 5: Have someone else READ IT ● Two sets of eyes are always better than one CONVERGENCE READINESS, INC
    10. 10. Email Formatting – Your SolutionEXTRAORDINARY INSIGHT ● Choosing Your Solution ● Your email has to be about something ● Too general and overly specific are both bad ● Never talk about the product or solution features ● More about how it can EFFECT their business in a positive way ● Remember, you are TELLING A STORY ● Don’t give away the ending too soon ● You must first CAPTURE their attention ● Give them 3rd party references ● 2 or 3 Links to reputable web-based articles, blogs, etc. ● Wall Street Journal, NYTimes,, etc. CONVERGENCE READINESS, INC
    11. 11. Email Formatting – Your SubjectEXTRAORDINARY INSIGHT ● Writing Your Subject ● Think of this as the TITLE to your story ● Make it short and EASY to remember ● Start with your Solution ● Example: Application Integration ● Keep your Target in mind ● CEO - Connect People to Process ● CFO – Reduce Delay Related Expense ● CIO – Improve Your Business Efficiency CONVERGENCE READINESS, INC
    12. 12. Email Formatting – Your MessageEXTRAORDINARY INSIGHT ● Start by making your point ● Separate out your main point in its own paragraph ● Mr. Jones, Thought leaders agree that application integration increases operational efficiency. [10 words or less] ● Tell them why you are reaching out ● Separate paragraph ● My name is Jim and I came across your company’s name while researching…[keep it short: 2-3 sentences] ● Next, provide reference material ● Again, in its own paragraph with hypertext links ● New York Times, CNET and the WSJ research validate the connection between operational efficiency and app integration. [try to keep this to 3 bullets] CONVERGENCE READINESS, INC
    13. 13. Email Formatting – Your Closing & SignatureEXTRAORDINARY INSIGHT ● End with a Call-2-Action ● Firm and professional [and a separate paragraph] ● I invite you take a few days to review the material and I will reach out to you on Wednesday of next week to discuss further. [always end with a future event] ● Signature Jim Sevier, CEO Convergence Readiness, Inc. 949-929-1642 CONVERGENCE READINESS, INC
    14. 14. Email Formatting – Follow OnEXTRAORDINARY INSIGHT ● Your First Email should answer: ● “Why am I reaching out?” ● Answer: “To inform, enlighten and engage.” ● Make your scheduled call as promised ● No response? Go to next step ● Second Email should answer: ● “Why should we connect?” ● Answer: “The content I have is valuable.” ● Make your next scheduled call ● Still no response? Go to final step ● Third Email should answer: ● “Why am I continuing to reach out?” ● Answer: “Eventually, there will be information that will help you.” CONVERGENCE READINESS, INC
    15. 15. Sample 1st Email FormattingEXTRAORDINARY INSIGHT Subject: Overcoming Mobile Device Security Challenges The Story Mr. Langstrom, Mobile device security is a proven significant financial industry challenge. The Point My name is Jim and while doing research on this topic I identified your company as a financial firm supporting the greater Greenville, SC area. Upon deeper research through LinkedIn I was able to locate you as the person who would have a key interest in this topic. The Why However, before I begin reaching out to you directly, I want to offer to you the following thought provoking links from well-known and respected sources on the subject of mobile device security. • • New York Times Tech The Offer • I understand that your time is valuable but I hope you accept this invitation to begin exchanging information about our firms. I invite you to visit us at Convergence Readiness, Inc. where you can become familiar with the UNIQUE SERVICES we offer our clients in this particular field. The Call-2-Action If you are not interested in being contacted further simply reply to this message with the subject “No Interest” and I will remove your name from my research. However, if you are amenable, I invite you take a few days to review this material and I will reach out to you on Wednesday of next week to discuss further. The Future Jim Sevier, CEO | | 949-929-1642 CONVERGENCE READINESS, INC
    16. 16. To Learn More…EXTRAORDINARY INSIGHT ● This course is offered in a detailed instructor led interactive collaboration environment. ● Participants will be able to ask questions and interact with each other as well as download the presentation and reference materials. ● Please CLICK HERE to set up a meeting to discuss pricing and availability. ● You can also visit my web site and click on the Contact tab at the bottom right CONVERGENCE READINESS, INC