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In this 30 minute audio enabled presentation I will outline the recently reorganized Avaya and how that along with advancements in technology and thought leadership will earn them the right to be considered at the IT business table.

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  • Hello. My name is Jim Sevier and I am the founder and CEO of Convergence Readiness, Inc.Today I am going to take a minute to outline the Avaya Data Solutions and to give some perspective as to its direction, its business value and it connection to other Avaya elements.Let’s begin.
  • Avaya Overview

    1. 1. WWW.CNVRG.COM Avaya Overview Jim Sevier, CEO Convergence Readiness, Inc.
    2. 2. WWW.CNVRG.COMAvaya Solutions Overview● Earning Your Consideration ● Technological Advancement ● Data Center/Infrastructure ● Application Sequencing SPOTLIGHT ● Virtual Enterprise ● Organizational Restructuring ● Platform ● Networking ● Applications and Emerging Technology ● Thought Leadership ● Application and End User Centric
    3. 3. WWW.CNVRG.COMAvaya Solutions Overview● Technological Advancement ● Shortest Path Bridging ● Identity Engine ● De-Commoditization Automation occurs ● Voice Virtualization when scale becomes ● Application Sequencing cost, expense and process prohibitive ● Browser Based Collaboration ● Centralized Management● Supporting automation and simplification
    4. 4. WWW.CNVRG.COMAvaya Solutions Overview● Organizational Restructuring ● Platforms ● Communications ● Collaboration ● User Devices ● Systems ● Networking ● Wireless ● Ethernet Switching ● Unified Branch ● Access Control and Management
    5. 5. WWW.CNVRG.COMAvaya Solutions Overview● Operational Restructuring (Continued) ● Applications and Emerging Technologies ● Contact Center ● Collaboration ● Cloud ● Research● Supporting Enterprises ● Large – 1000+ (Full scale, Always On, Unified) ● Mid-Size – 500 to 1000+ (Virtualized, Unified) ● Small – 25 to 500 (Economical, Unified)
    6. 6. WWW.CNVRG.COMAvaya Solutions Overview● Thought Leadership ● What’s good for the Datacenter is GREAT for the rest of the infrastructure. ● Extend virtualization to the network edge ● We can no longer afford the financial irresponsibility of habit ● The basic architectural tenets of the network are no longer valid ● Automation is no longer a luxury. It is table stakes. ● Autonomic networking
    7. 7. WWW.CNVRG.COMThe Value Of Convergence Readiness COURSES Manufacturer LUNCH & LEARN How can I KEYNOTES increase my BREIFINGS products SEMINARS reach? End User Distributer MENTORING How can IHow can I make magnify mymy job easier? line card performance? How can I How can I get improve my Consumers to companies buy my operational products? efficiency? Consumer Reseller
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