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Session 1 introductory notes (Film Appreciation)


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Introduction to the Course (Hum 3)

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Session 1 introductory notes (Film Appreciation)

  1. 1. Introductory  Notes   Hum  3:  Film  Apprecia8on  Class   Ateneo  de  Davao  University   Bong  S.  Eliab  
  2. 2. Film  Apprecia8on   •  Assignments,  Notes  and  Announcements  for   the  class:   •  Presenta8ons/  Lectures   •  Library  Resources   –   –  
  3. 3. Assignment   •  Read  the  introductory  notes  at   •  Short  Quiz  Next  Mee8ng   •  Send  your  film  review.  
  4. 4. Course  Descrip8on   •  An  introduc8on  to  the  scholarly,  aesthe8c   apprecia8on,  analysis  and  study  of  cinema.   •  Not  a  ‘great  films’  course   •  Spectrum  of  cinema8c  genre  and  modes  of   storytelling  and  expression  –  not  mainstream   (which  Hollywood)   •  Deliberate  inclusion  of  European  and  Asian   films  
  5. 5. Course  Descrip8on   •  Recurring  concern  in  the  class:   – To  beWer  understand  the  formal,  stylis8c,  and   ideological  rela8onships  mainstream  cinema  and   its  alterna8ves   •  1st  half  of  the  class:  explore  cinema8c  terms,   elements,  concepts,  theore8cal  constructs   •  2nd  half  of  the  class:  explore  social  and   historical  contexts  of  films  
  6. 6. Course  Requirements   •  Grading  Periods:  Prelim,  Midterm,  Final   •  Each  grading  period   – Quizzes  (15%)   – Film  Reviews  (20%)   – Major  Examina8ons  (65%)   •  LeWer  Grade:  A,  B+,  B,  C+,  C,  D,  F,  FD  
  7. 7. Film  Review   •  Must  be  one  page  only     •  Send  PDF  (Portable  Document  Format)  
  8. 8. Absences/  Tardiness   •  Absence:  not  more  than  20%  of  the  total   number  of  classes  (20%  x  18  =  3);  4  absences  =   FD   •  Late:  1/3  absence;  three  lateness  =  1  absence  
  9. 9. Contact  Informa8on   •  Email  Address:   •  Tel  (82)  221.2411  local  8201   •  TwiWer:  @BongEliab   •  Facebook:  
  10. 10. Test  Your  Email  Address   •  Send  an  email  to  me  using  your  ADDU  eMail   address  on  or  before  24  June  2014  with  the   following  details:   Complete  Name  and  Course/  Year   Profile  Photo   Mobile  Number  (Confiden8al)   Birthdate/  Age  
  11. 11. Film  Viewing  E8queWe   1.  Respect  personal  space.   2.  Crying  is  reserved  for  excep8onally  sad   scenes  only.   3.  Film  viewing  is  a  one-­‐way  entertainment.   4.  Feet  belong  to  the  floor.   5.  A  ringing  cellphone  will  break  your  mother’s   heart.   6.  Credits.  
  12. 12. Varia   •  You  can  bring  food,  discreet  food.  Food  delivery  is  not   allowed  unless  it  is  meant  for  the  whole  class.   •  You  can  bring  non  alcoholic  beverage,  non-­‐glass   container.   •  You  can  bring  your  comfort  pillow  and  jacket,  but  not   your  BFF,  BF  or  GF.   •  Shoes  remain  in  your  feet.   •  Go  to  the  restroom  before  the  start  of  the  film.   •  During  the  film  viewing,  no  one  is  allowed  to  enter  the   room.  No  one  is  allowed  to  get  out  of  the  room.