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Lamb presentation


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How does the use of iPads impact fifth grade mastery of Reading Comprehension? 2011-2012 Innovative Tech Grant final presentation.

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Lamb presentation

  1. 1. Tamie LambDurham Elementary Fifth Grade
  2. 2. Research QuestionHow does the use ofiPads impact fifthgrade mastery ofReadingComprehension?
  3. 3. Hypothesis StatementThe use of iPads willimprove fifth grademastery of ReadingComprehension.
  4. 4. Smart Goals By May, 2012, 90% of Latino students in my fifth grade Reading group will meet/exceed the fifth grade Oaks reading strand in “Demonstrates General Understanding.” By May, 2012, 100% of my reading students will meet or exceed their individual ODE Reading Target.
  5. 5. Fifth Grade Students• Create graphic organizers on iPads to go along with the comprehension piece of the Expressions curriculum.• Connect each graphic organizer to the comprehension skill for the week.• Use Popplet, Draw Venn, Tools 4 Students• Typically create two to three graphic organizers a week.• Communicate ideas with partners and classmates
  6. 6. StudentOutcomes …
  7. 7. • All studentsmade gains• Averagepretest score…39.6%• Average post-test score… 83.9%• Average gain…44.4%• Average gain forstudents of color…47.9%
  8. 8. • Theaveragetotal growthin 2011 was11.92%• Theaveragetotal growthin 2012 was14.6%