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Restuccia & Kingery Action Research


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How does Google Docs affect students’ motivation and engagement when editing and revising written work?

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Restuccia & Kingery Action Research

  1. 1. Restuccia and Kingery Action Research
  2. 2. How does Google Docs affect students’ motivation and engagement when editing and revising written work?• Hypothesis: We believed that Google Docs would increase student motivation and engagement when editing and revising written work.• Goals: – See writing as a process – Improve editing and revising skills
  3. 3. Technology used:• 30 MacBook Air laptops each in a 7th and 8th language arts classroom• Google Docs
  4. 4. Process leading to anticipated outcomes• September: Collaboration and teaching basic functions• October-November: Practicing functions and beginning to write and edit; 1st data collections• December-January: Continuing to write and edit, introducing more advanced functions; 2nd data collections• February-April: 3rd data collections
  5. 5. Engagement research outcome• Higher engagement when writing and editing on Google Docs (as opposed to paper/pencil): – Questionnaire: higher familiarity breeds confidence, which leads to higher engagement – Editing/revising task: Number of redirections needed (1st paper/pencil, then on Google Docs): • 8th: 9.6  4.6 • 7th: 2.8  1.1 – Exit slip: getting past barriers– “…it is easy for me to type, and I enjoy not getting writer’s cramps.”
  6. 6. Questionnaire data• Close-ended, megacognitive questions about students’ feelings and behaviors in relation to the computer and Google Docs September April 7th Grade Data
  7. 7. • 8th grade data September April
  8. 8. Motivation research outcome• Students were more motivated to edit and revise when using Google Docs – Questionnaire: “How helpful is Google Docs in editing and revising your work?” – Editing/revising task: Thoughtfulness of feedbackaverages (1st paper/pencil, then on Google Docs • 8th: 3.6  3.9 • 7th: 3.5 4.2 – Exit slip: Are you more motivated pencil/GD? “I am more motivated to write when using Google Docs because I like the comment feature.”
  9. 9. “How helpful is Google Docs when editing and revising your work?”• 7th grade data
  10. 10. “How helpful is Google Docs when editing and revising your work?”• 8th grade data
  11. 11. Surprising outcomes• Higher homework completion and turn-in• Easier to write– ideas “popping into their heads”• Working better between girls and boys, peers who aren’t friends• Reciprocal teaching, self-sufficiency• Behavior management• Ease of sharing assignments, powerpoints, class notes• Expanding into WallWisher, blogs, Google Sites, taking laptops home
  12. 12. Barriers and facilitating forcesBARRIERS FACILITATING• Time!!!!! • Going paperless• Technology • Having a team! malfunctions, learn • Early proposal ing curve, and drafting and support support• Excess of writing • Great technology tasks– hard to fit everything in (data write-ups, etc)
  13. 13. Suggestions• Have teams• Breaking up writing assignments into smaller pieces• In-building tech support: having Jen Scypinkski nearby was GREAT– but not everyone had that• Periodic work days during the fall, especially: half or whole day subs• Option to do this action research as a “no- credit” course– might inspire more teachers to get involved