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Product camp 2015 09-26


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What's it about: Large companies need UX, but don't always realize it. Startups know they need good UX to compete, but how can they on a small budget? What are the unique challenges designers face (and overcome) when designing for a B2B product? Paycor Senior UX Manager Jason Clemens will discuss the processes he’s developed to deal with the unique challenges of building a great user experience in these types of applications.

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Product camp 2015 09-26

  1. 1. XUD E S I G N T E A M
  2. 2. Hi, I’m Jason Senior Manager of Software Design / UX Paycor
  3. 3. …and you are…?
  4. 4. Enterprise UX: Challenges
  5. 5. Web Browser Tablet Horizontal /Vertical iOS / Android App Browser Smartwatch Phone Horizontal /Vertical iOS / Android App Browser
  6. 6. Technical Debt
  7. 7. Design Debt
  8. 8. GregDamm,UXSpeaker 5 ReasonsWhyWorking 
 in Enterprise UX 
 Doesn’t Suck
  9. 9. 1) Measurable impact on systems users typically don’t like (the bar is low) 2) Healthy budgets 3) New to everyone = no prescribed method 4) Become an accidental leader (pioneer) 5) Become a cultural revolutionary: solve big challenges
  10. 10. UX Design Process
  11. 11. Zen
  12. 12. Design Need Identified User Workflow Mapping Requirements & Domain Research Wireframes Clickable Wireframes PSD Mockups Prototype HTML & CSS UX Team Dev Implementation Design UX Architecture Testing Review ReviewUser Testing Design Need Identified Product Team Acceptance PRODUCT OWNER UX ARCHITECT INFORMATION ARCHITECT FRONT-END DEVELOPERUI DESIGNER USABILITY EXPERT PRODUCT OWNER INFORMATION ARCHITECT UX ARCHITECT Review UX ARCHITECT USABILITY EXPERT DEV TEAM Pattern Library Update Project defined Design phase Deliverable Dev guidance Review
  13. 13. RealWorld
  14. 14. The RightTools
  15. 15. The right tools DesignStandards High-levelView DetailedDocumentation High-fidelityPrototypes
  16. 16. Axure RP Sketch Omnigraffle Photoshop
  17. 17. The right mindset Buffering
 Working a release ahead Streamlining
 Manage input points for UX stories
  18. 18. The right mindset Owning
 Working ahead, UX manages CSS Unifying
 UI reusable component library
  19. 19. Enterprise UX for small businesses?
  20. 20. Enterprise UX for small business Challenges
 limited budget, resources, designers Followthesame principles
 Think of the user journey first
 Use the same tools
  21. 21. Takeaways
  22. 22. Takeaways Designfromthe user’s perspective Userapidprototyping toolsbefore developing Change the world!
  23. 23. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them. SteveJobs
  24. 24. @clemenschannel
  25. 25. We’re hiring passionate UX professionals!