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Slow Down: A Presentation Technique


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Short set of slides in which I show why and how to speak slowly when you give a presentation. Speaking slowly can help improve how you communicate your ideas and result in more effective presentations. Please note: This slide deck is meant for online viewing and is not devised for a live audience.

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Slow Down: A Presentation Technique

  1. A presentation strategy brought to you by Jon Schwabish Slow Down
  2. WhenWeGet Nervous
  3. our hearts race
  4. and our adrenaline pumps
  5. This can cause us to speak too quickly
  6. Instead…
  7. control your pace
  8. and slow down
  9. Think: Garrison Keillor
  10. Think: Molasses
  11. Think: Turtle
  12. Add pauses for emphasis
  13. or pretend English is your audience’s second language
  14. Your audience will listen
  15. they will thank you
  16. and they will be more likely to Remember your message
  17. Jonathan Schwabish Email: Twitter: @jschwabish SlideShare: Website: Inspired by: Matt Carter, Eugene Cheng, Emiland De Cubber, Jesse Desjardins, Nancy Duarte,Ann Emery, Stephanie Evergreen, Carmine Gallo, Garr Reynolds, and many others. Contact
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