Introduction to tradeoffs


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This presentation explains trade offs and how to identify and compare "competing goods and services" when making a decision. Included are a variety of practice problems covering a wide range of common trade offs people face. This is a multiple use presentation. I use this mostly as an introduction to situational analysis and decision making in environmental and science issues scenarios, however it can be used in many other circumstances. Used in 7th through college level settings. Can be easily adapted to social and business issues.

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Introduction to tradeoffs

  1. 1. Introduction to Trade Offs A Delicate Balancing Act … choosing between “Competing Goods” jschmied©2015Downloading will allow use of animations for maximum effect.
  2. 2. People make Trade offs between competing goods every day. Competing Goods occur when there are two things that you want to have, or do, but you can’t have both. Go to BIG Birthday party Go to BIG Soccer game jschmied©2013
  3. 3. The goods “compete” against each other in your mind. When comparing the positives & negatives , One good is TRADED OFF against the other. On one hand….. On the other hand….. When you decide you’ve made a trade off! See your friends Have lots of fun Eat cake! Let your team down Don’t get to play No exercise No Trophy! Play with your team Have lots of fun Win the championship Won’t enjoy the party Will miss your friends No cake!!! jschmied©2013
  4. 4. Examples of Competing Goods that are often traded off against each other. Money Love Studying Socializing jschmied©2013
  5. 5. Tell the “competing goods” What are the trade offs between these two “goods”. jschmied©2013
  6. 6. Tell the “competing goods jschmied©2015
  7. 7. jschmied©2015
  8. 8. What are the “competing goods” ? What are the trade offs between these “goods”. Metal Utensils Plastic Utensils jschmied©2013
  9. 9. • Describe the competing goods. • Is this person choosing or “making a trade off” between these two competing “goods”? • Tell why or why not….! jschmied©2013
  10. 10. jschmied©2013
  11. 11. Work Life Balance What are the “competing goods” ? What are the trade offs between these “goods”? jschmied©2015
  12. 12. What are the “competing goods” ? What are the trade offs between these “goods”. More Money Healthy Environment jschmied©2015 Trade offs are often made when solving environmental issues
  13. 13. Energy Birds What are the “competing goods” ? What are the trade offs between these “goods”. jschmied©2013
  14. 14. Price Quality Tell the “competing goods”. What are the trade offs between these two “goods”? Kindle vs iPad jschmied©2013
  15. 15. Tell: a. The “competing goods”. b. What you are trading off when choosing between these two “goods”. Upside: This particular kick does a lot of damage compared to the ability needed to pull it off successfully. Downside: Defense. The kicker is vulnerable to attack for a very long time.... sacrificing safety jschmied©2013
  16. 16. What are the “competing goods” ? What are the trade offs between these “goods”. jschmied©2013
  17. 17. What are the “competing goods” ? What are the trade offs? jschmied©2013
  18. 18. What are the “competing goods” ? What are the trade offs? jschmied©2013
  19. 19. Team members often make trade offs to ensure the team’s success. But together everyone wins jschmied©2013
  20. 20. About the author: John Schmied has been a secondary science school teacher for 20 years and is involved in developing practical, yet innovative, hands on curriculum for teens. In addition he is a Chemical Hygiene Officer and an Environmental Educator. He has created, developed and manages a 6 acre Environmental Center at his school site. John’s presentations are viewed worldwide & have been in the top 5% of Slideshare for multiple years. During this time John served as the Strategic planner for the Friends of the Hidden River a 501(C)(3) non profit. • Over the past 13 years Friends helped King County, WA design, fund, construct & develop the 14,800 sqft Brightwater Environmental Center in Woodinville WA. • John is the Director & a principal developer of the Ground to Sound STEM Environmental Challenge course, a locally popular cutting edge environmental program that merges, Science, Tech, Art, Multimedia and other disciplines with Leadership studies at the Center Prior to this period John served as a Coast Guard Officer, primarily involved in ice, navigation & search and rescue operations. His specialties are Ship handling, Diving and Oceanographic Operations. John can be contacted via Linked In.