Autism Awareness


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Autism Awareness

  1. 1. AUTISM
  2. 2. 1 out of every 110 children is diagnosed with Autism. 1.5 million people in the U.S. are affected. Tens of millions are affected worldwide.
  3. 3. 67 children will be diagnosed today. Boys are 4x more likely to be diagnosed.
  4. 4. Autism impairs the ability to communicate and relate to others.
  5. 5. People with Autism are:
  6. 6. I am a mother of a child with Autism
  7. 7. His name is Evan
  8. 9. He is funny, bright and kind and a blessing to our family.
  9. 10. There is NO cure for Autism.
  10. 11. There are different degrees of Autism, called a spectrum.
  11. 12. Some people with Autism can function very well while others have more difficulty.
  12. 13. Some have difficulty with certain sights, sounds or touch.
  13. 14. and a desire for acceptance. Some autistic people have unusual fears, anxiety, depression,
  14. 15. A person with Autism can become frustrated by things that don’t affect others.
  15. 16. They just want to be accepted and treated with respect.
  16. 17. People without Autism sometimes do not understand the feelings that an autistic person is feeling.
  17. 18. That includes doctors and teachers … and even parents.
  18. 19. People with Autism may fixate on a particular interest and often find success in that field as adults. Engineering, computers, science, music
  19. 20. People with Autism prefer structure and routine and may become upset if their routine is interrupted.
  20. 21. A puzzle piece is the symbol for Autism…
  21. 22. … because Autism is puzzling to people who do not have it.
  22. 23. But it doesn’t need to be puzzling if we just accept an autistic person for who they are.
  23. 24. Sometimes autistic children are forced to change. But that is not fair because it is simply who they are.
  24. 25. Would YOU want to be changed just for being you?
  25. 26. Autistic people can sometimes appear to lack intelligence when, in fact, they are often highly intelligent.
  26. 27. They just don’t know how to communicate to show how intelligent they are.
  27. 28. It is frustrating to them because they are searching for the words to communicate.
  28. 29. Help make those with Autism feel accepted and respected. Just like you, they deserve dignity.
  29. 30. Don’t expect them to be just like you. Accept their differences.
  30. 31. April is Autism Awareness Month
  31. 32. April 2 nd is World Autism Awareness Day
  32. 33. Empire State Building New York City Miami Tower Miami, FL JFK Air Traffic Control Tower New York City Kingdom Tower Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Michael Fowler Centre Wellington, New Zealand Wrigley Building Chicago, IL Los Angeles International Airport On the night of April 1, buildings across the world will be lit blue to raise awareness for Autism and to commemorate World Autism Awareness Day on Friday, April 2.
  33. 34. You can show your support by wearing blue and talking with your family and friends about Autism.
  34. 35. Thank you to Evan who has taught me to see the world in a unique and beautiful way and who allows me to share his story.
  35. 36. Portions of this presentation are adapted from other beautiful You Tube videos and presentations. Music: 1. Part of My Heart 2. Bittersweet by Jim Brickman (Played in the delivery room when Evan was born) <ul><li>‘ Mother’s View on Autism’ at http:// =ucfo9EfQClY </li></ul><ul><li>‘ Hope for Autism & Aspergers Syndrome: My Story’ at http:// =OV_CcmLlaw4 </li></ul><ul><li>‘ In My Mind’ by Alex Olinkiewicz at http:// =rbgUjmeC-4o </li></ul>