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This is a high-level overview of my open innovation program.

All work shared here is non-sensitive intellectual property of all research partners involved.

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Open innovation portfolio

  1. 1. open innovationBuilding research partnerships withestablished leaders in the field. joycechou2010
  2. 2. joycechouOPEN INNOVATIONTHE WHEELMAKERS PROJECTAn open innovation network to link research groups exploring common subject areas.FINDING THE WHEELMAKERS, NOT REINVENTING THE WHEEL Overview In Spring 2009, I proposed the idea of creating an open innovation network. The mission is to connect our research with similar external projects to further our collective impact. All innovation labs often discover that they are spending money and time on concepts that are already being developed. The rapid rate of tech development often makes IP less valuable than truly differentiated offerings in a competitive market. So, joint research withAdvanced concept, Vizio headphones, relevant partners will create optimizedApril 2009 July 2009 exploration for long-term products.
  3. 3. joycechouOPEN INNOVATIONTHE WHEELMAKERS PROJECTThroughout 2009 and 2010, I developedresearch relationships with internal andexternal innovation groups, such as:• PATH• T-Labs• OpenIDEO• 826 Valencia• Kitchen Budapest• The Exploratorium• Project Health Design• Cisco I-Prize Competition• Stanford School of Engineering• Art Center Media Design Program T-Labs in Berlin, our fellow DT advanced concepts lab• Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley conducted their “Streetlabs” Project months before we began work on similar teen co-design workshops in the U.S.• Eyebeam Center for Art and Technology• Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP)• UCLA Center for Embedded Networked Sensing
  4. 4. joycechouOPEN INNOVATIONMOBILE APPLICATIONS FOR TEENAGERSParticipatory design collaboration for next generation products and services. T-Mobile partnered with Eyebeam, a leading incubation center for art and new technologies, to understand what teenagers want for the future of mobile experiences. By collaborating with Eyebeam’s summer youth program, Digital Day Camp, we helped students created in-depth mobile apps that provided valuable insight and direction for future youth-oriented mobile apps and services.
  5. 5. joycechouOPEN INNOVATIONMOBILE APPLICATIONS FOR TEENAGERSOver the course of 3 weeks in July 2010,the students at Digital Day Camp explorednew user experiences, brainstormed onideal features, and crafted the visuallanguage of their mobile apps.The final concepts were presented at theend of the program to an audience,including a panel of experts from GoogleCreative Labs, R/GA, and T-Mobile CreationCenter.
  6. 6. joycechouOPEN INNOVATION Irreverence for oldMOBILE APPLICATIONS FOR TEENAGERS standards in ratings.Example insights from participant conceptPA Using location and humor, this app helps teens find what they need independently. key principle: Teens have unique mischievous needs for their recommendation apps. The Gotta Go concept helps you find the closest bathroom when Recommendations are you are away from home with about social gaming. playful recommendations. With an uploaded photo of the bathroom stall, users can entertain themselves by spraying “graffitti” on the wall in their app. key principle: celebrity
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