Product Halo Sample


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Team members: Andrea Small, Anthony Giardini

Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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Product Halo Sample

  1. 1. CREATING BRANDED ECOSYSTEMSA solution that leverages existing accessories,promotional agreements, and services. FAST AND CHEAP Our challenge was to create sets of concepts that would drive customer demand, without development cost. By modifying current products on the market, our concepts were tied together in a holistic brand story and ready for near-term implementation. COMPELLING EXPERIENCES To coincide with the DVD release of the Transformers movie, T-Mobile wanted to pre-load the movie on phones for promotional reasons. We created a holistic suite of products that include an audio dock, device shell, and interactive service. “ this scene, I wanted HIGH MARGIN SERVICES Optimus to be extra awesome!” -Michael Bay, Director In a cross-promotional deal with Sony Pictures, T-Mobile could synch exclusive content with the mobile device at a minimum cost. In this concept, the video experience is enhanced with real-time director commentary on the device during the movie.