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Top-Down Time Estimation in Project Management.


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Top-Down Time Estimation in Project Management. From Project Management Fundamentals, a new type of textbook designed to be: granular, easy to use with a "flipped" classroom approach, and designed for electronic distribution on iPads, kindle readers, and PCs/Mac. Find out more at

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Top-Down Time Estimation in Project Management.

  1. 1. Top-Down (Macro) • Analogous estimating • Parametric estimating • Learning curves • Function point analysis
  2. 2. Top-Down (Macro) Analogous estimating Analogous estimating involves comparing a proposed project to a similar past project to estimate the duration or cost
  3. 3. Top-Down (Macro) Analogous estimating
  4. 4. Top-Down (Macro) Analogous estimating
  5. 5. Top-Down (Macro) Analogous estimating
  6. 6. Top-Down (Macro) Parametric estimating Parametric estimating involves calculating our estimates based on industry benchmarks.
  7. 7. Top-Down (Macro) Parametric estimating 2500 ft2 costs $100,000 or $40 per ft2
  8. 8. Top-Down (Macro) Parametric estimating Estimate for a 2000 ft2 House: $40.00 per ft2 X 2000 = $80,000
  9. 9. Top-Down (Macro)
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Top-Down (Macro) Learning Curves The more times a task has been performed, the less time will be required on each subsequent iteration.
  12. 12. Learning Curves TimetoComplete 0 25 50 75 100 Number of Units Produced 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 Top-Down (Macro)
  13. 13. Top-Down (Macro) Function Point Analysis A function point is the amount of functionality of an information system (as a product). Function points measure software size.
  14. 14. Function Point Analysis Data Functions Internal Logical Files External Interface Files Transactional Functions External Inputs External Outputs External Inquiries Top-Down (Macro)
  15. 15. Function Point Analysis Category Number Complexity Sub-Total EI 3 3 9 EO 4 7 28 EQ 2 4 8 ILF 5 7 35 TOTAL 80 If one function point is an equivalent of eight hours of work in C++ language, then our project will take (80*8)=640 hours Top-Down (Macro)
  16. 16. Time and Resource Estimation Top-Down (Macro) Activity A Activity B Activity C Activity D Activity E Activity F Bottom-up (Micro)