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  1. 1. CURRICULAM VITAEJayashankar .CContact Nos. 00966 595828770/550572720E - Mail – jsc1091@rediffmail.comHighly, motivated, energetic, skilled and NEBOSH SAFETY professional with over 16 yearsof experience in India & Middle east seeks career advancement in the field of HSEExtensive experience in Risk Assessment, Hazard Analysis, Communicative,Consistently exceeding both client and Management goals.Post Applied for * Site HSE Coordinator/supervisor/Eqpt.InspectorProfessional Experience * 16 Yrs Date of Birth * 01-04-1965 Academic Qualification * Pre Degree Technical Qualification * NEBOSH. IGC * Diploma in Fire & Safety form Indian Institute of Management & Technology Chennai; India. * Member of International Institute of Risk & Safety Management (IIRSM) London. * Computer OperatingP&J Safety Training * Compressed Gas, Fire Prevention, Hazardous Material Slips Trips and Falls, Power Tools, Egress, Ladder& Scaffolding, Lifting Safety, Aerial Personnel Basket Painting safety, Machine Guarding, Lockout, Tag out, Hand Tools, Electric Safety, Construction Safety, Crane &Slings safety, Evacuation, Fall Protection, ExcavationTraining & Seminar * Incident & Injury-Free (IIF) Training by JMJ . * Approved as Safety Supervisor by Saudi Aramco * Permit to Work (PTW) course by Qatar Petroleum * R.P.D. License from ministry of radiation protection Department State of Kuwait. * H2S / BA familiarization course by Qatar Petroleum * Fire Fighting course by Safety Department (QP). * First Aid. • Valied Saudi Government Driving LicenseAdditional Qualification * ASNT – Level – II RT
  2. 2. * ASNT – Level – II MT * ASNT – Level – II PT * ASNT – Level – I UTProfessional Experience:-1. Present Position : Field HSE Senior Supervisor cum Eqpt. InspectorCompany : JGC Arabia Ltd.(Saudi Arabia)Client : Saudi AramcoProject : Crude separation & Utility project.Tenure : From 1st Aug. 2009 - till presentReporting to Safety Manager, Contribution towards developing improvements in Health and safety.Preparation of documents comprising of Method statements, Risk assessment reports. Co-ordinationwith Client Crew, reviewing and monitoring the implementation of PTW system , Participation ininterpretation and implementation of safety legislation , verification of third party certifications anddocuments. Site Audits and Inspections.PRIMARY DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES • Inspection of Crane and Other Heavy Equipments • Monitor contractor construction Safety program and safe work practice. • Review and Evaluates Contractor Safety information. • Assist project Team in Identifying project Safety concern. • Review adequacy Safety system in design and contractor Safety process. • Provide Safety and Health information/expertise to the site team. • Provide Safety training to the site team as required. • Ensure Safety section of the contractor bid document is complete. • Inspect and audit construction site and labor camp. • Verifies appropriate equipment and procedure for safe work performance. • Conduct Safety meeting as needed. • Leads toolbox talks on a daily basis. • Assist in the selection of contractor. • Participate in meeting involving contractor safety problems. • Support contractor Safety Award program. • Monitor/Track contractor injury report. • Provide input for HSE report to project management. • Participate in Incident investigation as required. • Monitor contractor Occupational Health program implementation. • Participate & Monitor the implementation of contractor Emergency response plan and drill. • Ensure site Emergency response plan are in place and are tested in a planned and regular manner.
  3. 3. 2. Position Held : Safety Supervisor Company : Snamprogetti Saudi Arabia Ltd. Client : Saudi Aramco. Project : Gas Treat and Compression/LNG recovery projects Tenure : From.Aug.2007-April.2009 Reporting to HSE Manager. Ensure personnel are fully aware of Basic safety practices and company HSE policies and procedures. Participate and facilitate hazard identification studies and risk assessments as part of work-pack and pre-job assessments .Conversant with the induction Process .Participate and encourage effective tool-box talks and on-site pre-job checks ,Identify and implement training, instruction and support needs to all project personnel in relevant areas of HSE. Communicate new or existing safety legislation, approved codes of practice and procedures to ensure compliance 3. Position Held : Safety Officer Company : Technip USA(Kuwait) Client : EQUATE Petrochemical Company, Kuwait. Project : Ethylene Cracking Furnace Project. Tenure : From May 2006-Mar.2007. Reporting to Construction Manager, coordinating with Equate safety Manager to implement all requirements of Equate Safety Manual and Technip Safety policy. As a team leader Surveillance and monitoring of sub contractors safety activities and on going Project jobs. Provide site based HSE support to construction team. Promote compliance across the project with requirements in environmental, waste management, health and hygiene standards and objectives. Conduct site audits and inspections to ensure compliance. Maintain records and produce reports and statistics of all safety related incidents. Accident investigation. And responsible for a designated area for safe work environment.4. Position Held : Safety Coordinator. Company : Kharafi National Kuwait Client : EQUATE Petrochemical Company, Kuwait. Project : Ethylene Plant (Shutdown) Tenure : From.Feb.2006-April.2006 Worked as Safety co-coordinator with Kharafi National co.(Kuwait). for EQUATE Major Turnaround Shut down. Monitoring all site activities, unsafe condition and Unsafe practice and reporting to Equate HSE Engineer5. Position Held : Safety Supervisor Company : Voltage Engineering. Ltd. (Doha, Qatar). Client : Qatar Petroleum. Project : Power Turbine project Tenure : From.Oct.2003-Oct.2005 Represent safety department of the company at clients meeting ,Site inspection, observation and reporting. Advising, planning and organizing measures to prevent hazards .Conducting Job Safety Analysis , Preparation of Risk Assessments and Safe Job Plans Development of company’s Health Safety and Environment Procedures Ensure availability of PPE. Development of HSE training plan and conducting training, Monitoring and reporting on the health, safety and environmental aspects of the project, Accident investigation ,Maintain record and produce reports and statistics of all safety related incidents.Determine and Identify the cause of any accident or dangerous occurrence and recommend means/measures to prevent recurrence.6. Position Held : Safety Supervisor Company : Cooper heat Inspecion.co.(Kuwait). Client : Kuwait National Petroleum co..
  4. 4. Project : Refinery Tenure : From.Mar.2000-Mar.2003Worked as a safety Officer for Kuwait National Petroleum Company, Inspection Maintenancesupply contract. As a team leader Surveillance and monitoring all activities and observe to controlall unsafe practice.Jan1987-Jan2000 : Worked in Indian ArmyPermanent Address : V.K. Edom, Akathethara – (PO) Palakkad - Dist, Kerala, India.-678 008Passport Number : G 2825101Nature of Duties & Responsibilities been handled: Implementation of the safety policy and program. Conducts seminars, orientation for newly hired employees, researchers and studies for the improvement of safety in the yard. Provides for continuing education of employees by dissemination safety publications, rules, posters, etc., Recommends disciplinary action to safety violators who unnecessarily expose him or her or other personal injury or property damage. Prepares and submits inspection reports, investigates and studies causes and recommends corrective measures to decrease their frequency and prevents recurrence. Coordinates with medical sections to determine monthly accident statistics, and makes comparative reports of it. Monitors radiographic test by checking the area if it is already safe and keep unauthorized personal away from the hazardous exposure. Meets with representative or clients and other contractors to discuss requirements regarding accident prevention in the job site. Conducts safety inspection around the area of responsibility to see to it that all working condition is free from hazardous. Initiates and institutes the schedule of job site inspection, observation thoroughly equipment flow, maintenance, material handling and personal hygiene. Implements proper execution plan for safety in the fabrication and construction working areas such as traffic planning, re-routing and implementation of the same. Tests working areas for toxic fumes, explosives gas air mixture, combustible materials and equipment around the area. Prepares reviews and maintain records and statistical data which are required by the safety chief engineer, the client and the department of Labour and employment from time to time. Attends job progress meeting to keep update on the current and future plans for the project and to advice project management on problems concerning accident prevention. Conducts health and safety risk assessments, toolbox talk, in house safety awareness sessions
  5. 5. and emergency exercises. Educate the workers on safety instructions, fire fighting, personal protection equipments, work permit system, house keeping, first aid and emergency signs, handling of hazardous chemicals and dangerous materials, how to act on emergencies, and safe handling of pneumatic equipments, compressors, electrical operated tools, radiography cameras, abrasives and plastic operations, welding and cutting, handling and storage of pressure cylinders etc.,