Love story


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Love story

  1. 1. 0 Jorge Sinister Ayala -N-6 Jeanette Amore Ayala0811 Always & Forever
  2. 2. I feel good I feel wonderful And its becauseYou made it that wayI feel supa spectacular because of you…
  3. 3. Now Im flying I think Im floating I feel so highYour love leads me to the skyAnd if I fall I wont careCause Im safe with you…
  4. 4. Cause Im in love (with your) storyAndIm in love with your smell and your smile
  5. 5. So keep on liftin (lalalala) I wont stand in your way Cause Im in love with you
  6. 6. Now baby your the truth so Im just being honestYou treat me like a king so thats why your my highness That means queen
  7. 7. Seems I known you for the longestFunny how we connected on the low like Vonage (huh) And I know it aint as deep as it could be Or as it would be but thats how it should be Cause overtime we gonna be fine like wine
  8. 8. I never put another ova mineSee difference between you and them is they just wanna shine and Well you You just want Sean So tell mama sandy, mama myra and that family That when I get that grammy, they gon be a granny
  9. 9. So promise that youll keep me Promise you wont lead astrayPromise me forever promise me to stay
  10. 10. So I keep you with my laughterFeel sooo complete (You and me baby)
  11. 11. Something bout yourbrown eyesthat gets me lost for days(I love your eyesbaby)Your touch is like anangellookin out with heavensgrace
  12. 12. And thats why Ill keepyou shelter from the storm I-I-II need you here with meCause Im in love (with your) story
  13. 13. And Im in love with your smell and your smileSo keep on liftin (lalala) I wont stand in your way Cause Im in love with you
  14. 14. Now listen First off if it was the last thing Ill put you first So you deserve my last nameYou make my worst days feel like my birthday
  15. 15. If we never happen well regret it in the worst way Like not seeing the worldtrade your worth the galaxy baby so lets world trade And I tend to tell God thank youCause baby your my angel At least from my angle
  16. 16. Cause Im in love(with your) storyAnd Im in lovewith your smell andyour smileSo keep on liftin(lalala) I wontstand in your wayCause Im in lovewith you