Physics lab rubric


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Physics lab rubric

  1. 1. Physics Lab Report Rubric (Total: 20 points)Objective(2 pts) Excellent (2) Good (1) Poor (0) Objective is clear & Objective is Objective is- Outlines the scientific purpose of concise and demonstrates present but is unrelated or is notthe lab performed. a knowledge of the missing the included.- Always starts with the phrase: independent and independent and“The objective of this lab was to…” dependent variables and dependent the purpose of the lab. variables or does not demonstrate an understanding of the purpose of the lab.Procedures(3pts) Excellent (3) Good (2) Fair (1) Poor (0) List of materials is List of materials is List of materials is Procedure isA short paragraph answering the complete and steps of somewhat incomplete and missing.questions “What materials were experiment are clear, complete and steps procedure isused?” and “How were they used?” sequential, and in of experiment are lacking. complete sentences. present but lacking Picture of apparatus is completeness. included.Raw Data(3pts) Excellent (3) Good (2) Fair (1) Poor (0) Data is complete with 1-2 omissions of Data is present but Raw data is missingData table including raw data. columns labeled with label, unit or data. in wrong format, units. and/or major errors or omissions. 2-3 labels missingProcessed data(3pts) Excellent (3) Good (2) Fair (1) Poor (0) Data is complete with 1-2 omissions of Data is present but Processed data orData table including processed columns labeled with label, unit or data in wrong format, graph is missingdata. All graphs are included in units. Graph axes must in table or scale, and/or major errorsthis section. be scaled and labeled and label or best fit line or omissions. 2-3 best fit line drawn on graph. labels missing or correctly. errors in graph.Questions(3pts) Excellent (3) Good (2) Fair (1) Poor (0) All questions answered 1-2 omissions in >1/2 of the Question section isThis section includes answers to completely in complete questions or questions are missing.any questions included in the lab. sentences. answering in unanswered or incomplete incomplete. sentences.Discussion/Conclusion Excellent (3) Good (2) Fair (1) Poor (0)(3 pts) Conclusion is complete 1-2 omissionsor >1/2 of the Conclusion section is and written in compete incomplete required topics are missing.A short paragraph that includes: sentences. Sources of sentences. unanswered orTwo things you have learned error may not include Sources of error or incomplete.Statement of the percentage error “human error” or “faulty improvement notand assessment of how accurate equipment” unless fully well thought were explained.Two sources of errorWhat can be done to improve theaccuracy of the labTitle/Format/Structure Excellent (3) Good (2) Fair (1) Poor (0)(3pts) Includes a title that is Includes a Includes a title that Title is not included, relevant to experiment, somewhat does not describe more than 3 of the lab is written with college- descriptive title, lab the lab, one or sections are out of level format is written in correct more of the sections place format. is out of place