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Aim Recruitment Presentation


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Aim Recruitment Presentation

  1. 1. AIM Recruitment AIM Recruitment AIMRecruitment
  2. 2. AIM Recruitment “ …consistently focused, professional “ and very effective … AIMRecruitment
  3. 3. AIM Recruitment CONTENTS Introduction to AIM Recruitment AIM Interims AIM Executives AIM Consultants What our customers say AIMRecruitment
  4. 4. AIM Recruitment OUR PHILOSOPHY From the very beginning we have been determined that AIM would stand for quality, value and service, this means sometimes we have to say no - whether its to a candidate that simply doesn’t meet our stringent standards or because we don’t believe we can deliver exactly what a customer is looking for. AIMRecruitment
  5. 5. AIM Recruitment THE TEAM – IN THE WORDS OF OUR CANDIDATES “ Alan completely understands what you are trying to achieve. He is not afraid to challenge back and make you think about things in a different way; often presenting a different picture to the one you think you see! I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to improve their career.” W D, Factory General Manager Alan Donaldson, Managing Director “ Kerry is a sheer professional who always keeps to her commitments and is always true to her word. All interactions are a great experience and I would recommend her as a business associate to anyone and anytime.” D N, Engineering Manager Kerry Delaney, Recruitment Consultant “ Julian has transferred the skills he gained working in the food industry into the recruitment arena really well - using his experience he’s able to match candidate, role and business very effectively.” J H, Technical Projects Manager Julian Saunders, Recruitment Consultant “ I wasn’t actively looking for a new job when I received a telephone call from Elliot but he gave me cause to reconsider. His professional approach and level of understanding about both the role he was recruiting and my situation meant in a very short space of time he had given me reason to call him back to find out more.” S C, Hygiene Manager Elliot Andrew, Resourcer AIM Kate Hargreaves, Company SecretaryRecruitment
  6. 6. AIM Recruitment OUR PEDIGREE Since its launch in 2004 the business has gone from strength to strength and AIM Recruitment now operates three separate divisions providing bespoke services for the UK food manufacturing industry. We started out as a dedicated provider of high calibre interim managers to the industry however, as a result of requests from our customers, in 2007 we introduced a permanent recruitment division, AIM Executives. More recently we added a consultancy division offering our clients a highly affordable means of driving operational performance through sustainable step change improvements in modern manufacturing productivity. AREAS OF EXPERTISE Operations NPD Commercial Engineering Supply Chain Continual Improvement Technical Process Cost Reduction Finance HR Industrial Engineering AIMRecruitment
  7. 7. AIM Interims AIMInterims
  8. 8. AIM Interims WHY INTERIM? As businesses become leaner the tactical use of interim management has never been more effective. The range of business critical situations that drive the need for an interim include: Basic holiday/sickness cover Recruitment process Demands on technical resource by the customers Engineering management – site or project based Complex business turnarounds by the operations team Increasingly, experienced, professional, high quality interim managers are in great demand and consequently are not on the market for long. Over the years we have built a strong database of interims we know well, many of whom we have engaged on repeated occasions, all of whom we have screened and professionally assessed. The AIM network is such that we are confident that we can help you find the AIM right interim for you and your business.Interims
  9. 9. AIM Interims AIM’S STRENGTHS The quality of AIM interims is crucial; we know exactly the calibre of the individuals that we are recommending to our clients having worked alongside many of them in the field. We maintain a select database and unfortunately have to decline to represent 80% of applicants who do not reach the standard we require. Drawing on hands-on food manufacturing experience we have genuine insight into clients’ business needs and put this to great use to ensure we provide the right interim solution. We pride ourselves on offering a cost effective service that adds real value to the bottom line. We understand that time is money and we pride ourselves on our rapid response times thanks to our working knowledge of every interim on the team. AIM’s role doesn’t end when the placement is made, we continue to monitor and review progress to ensure that the partnership is delivering AIM against both client and interim expectations.Interims
  10. 10. AIM Executives AIMExecutives
  11. 11. AIM Executives WHY CHOOSE AIM EXECUTIVES? Our boutique service ensures your vacancy gets the time and commitment it deserves. Our winning combination of extensive hands-on food industry experience and traditional recruitment means we can identify the best individuals in an increasingly challenging market. Through the robust process we undertake with candidates we effectively become an extension to your HR function adding real value to your recruitment process. With KPIs focused on quality not quantity clients can be confident that careful consideration is given to the relevance of each candidate submitted. If we are unable to meet your brief we’ll let you know. We build long term and trusting relationships with clients and provide a support network for our candidates. AIMExecutives
  12. 12. AIM Executives OUR APPROACH We realise that what really matters is matching a candidate who meets the role requirements with YOU. An in depth vacancy qualification process enables us to fully understand your true requirements behind the job spec. Without any fanfare headhunting is an integral part of the AIM recruitment process; not a last resort. We appreciate our clients want to see new faces in the recruitment process. At an early stage of the process candidates are heavily screened. Our high internal rejection rate means that you will only be presented with the better candidates. Our knowledge of YOUR industry ensures candidates are assessed from YOUR perspective. We focus on achievement driven candidates and ensure they present themselves through their CV in this light to assist your early assessment of their capabilities. Placing a candidate in front of a client is a major deal to us; we are determined that the experience should be beneficial for both parties and prepare all our candidates, face to face, to an executive interview standard. AIM We kiss a lot of frogs so you don’t have to!Executives
  13. 13. AIM Consultants AIMConsultants
  14. 14. AIM Consultants BACK TO THE FUTURE Here at AIM Consultants we don’t make any apologies for our traditional approach to improving operational performance because we know it works. It’s our partnership approach helps set AIM apart from other food industry consultancies; quite simply we become part of the factory team, roll our sleeves up, engage the workforce and make things happen. Collaborating with our clients we outline the scope of the project, agree timescales and targets before setting about finding the most effective way to achieve and sustain them. Although we believe that AIM Consultants can deliver cost savings to any food manufacturing environment we are happy to provide clients with a FREE on site consultation to enable them to judge for themselves. The average return on investment to date is 5:1. AIMConsultants
  15. 15. AIM Consultants TOOLS & TECHNIQUES INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Although industrial engineering has become increasingly unfashionable over the past 20 years AIM has some of the most experienced and skilled IEs in the business; time and again they are proving to be worth their weight in gold. The starting point is to deploy our team of vastly experienced industrial engineers to conduct traditional “time and motion” studies. Having collected credible data we work with local site management to identify and address the issues impacting OEE, productivity and waste. Working in partnership with the existing management teams we then reset line speeds and implement new manning levels across the factory. AIMConsultants
  16. 16. AIM Consultants TOOLS & TECHNIQUES DAILY REVIEW Daily Review provides all levels of employee the ability to solve problems at the right level using a structured approach through teamwork. The 5 key stages to factory evolution are: Foundation Control Improvement Optimisation Excellence The AIM team will train all management teams in the application of the daily review process. An audit process will be implemented that gives immediate feedback to drive continuous improvement to ensure the sustainability of the process. AIMConsultants
  17. 17. AIM Recruitment DON’T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT “ Faced with a business losing £16 million a year you have to gain control as quickly as possible, the speed and efficiency with which AIM was able to source the right people to support our recovery programme made a real difference. Alan clearly understood the issues and challenges we faced at Minsterley and did a great job in finding experienced food industry professionals who were able to hit the ground running and add real value from day one.” Kevin Green, MD “ We have now used the services of AIM to secure several key roles and have been suitably impressed by their ability to take a tough brief in terms of timescale and calibre and make it happen - the recent sourcing of a suitably skilled Italian speaking Operations professional within a matter of weeks was exemplary.” Andy Readshaw, Group Operations Director “ Refreshingly honest – Alan’s background in the industry is clearly demonstrated in his consultative approach to recruitment. His understanding of the food industry and knowledge of the candidates means the service AIM provides is right on target.” Caroline Parkes, Human Resources Director “ It is AIM’s partnership approach that really makes them stand out from the crowd. Engaging an AIM Interim is more than simply filling a role, Alan is always available to discuss developments and, drawing on his own experiences, provide another perspective on getting the best out of an assignment.” Alan McKeown, Group Operations Director AIMRecruitment
  18. 18. AIM Recruitment CLIENTS INCLUDE AIMRecruitment
  19. 19. AIM Recruitment CONTACT US - 0115 923 4651 Alan Donaldson Mobile: 07967 686964 Kate Hargreaves Mobile: 07590 299286 Julian Saunders Mobile: 07815 286771 Kerry Delaney Mobile: 07855 969663 Elliot Andrew Alan Donaldson Mobile: 07967 686964 AIMRecruitment