Naxi minority group


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Naxi minority group

  1. 1. Can You Guess?"China is a sleeping giant. When it awakens, the earth will shake." a. George Washington c. Empress Cixi b. Li Peng d. Napoleon Bonaparte
  2. 2. Naxi People 纳西族 (Nàxi Zú)
  3. 3. Naxi People 纳西族 (Nàxi Zú) Known to out side world during the early 20th century by: 1. American botanist Joseph Rock. His legacy includes diaries, maps, and photographs of the region.2. Russian taoist doctor PeterGoullart. His book “ForgottenKingdom” describes the lifeand beliefs of the Naxipeoples.
  4. 4. …And Almost A Century later…
  5. 5. Rooftops Of The Old Town- Lijiang
  6. 6. Naxi People 纳西族 (Nàxi Zú)  Meaning: Na means senior and honored and Xi means people.  Population and Distribution: mostly live in the Naxi Autonomous County in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, while the rest live in Sichuan and Tibet. Their population is around 300,000.  Language and Character: In the past, they used a pictographic language called Dongba and another called Geba. In 1957, they designed characters based on the Latin alphabet and now most can write in Chinese.
  7. 7. Big Wheel At The Entrance of Old Town
  8. 8. A NaXi Woman stands in front of her house -纳西族 (Nàxi Zú) – Last Century 2006
  9. 9. Naxi Dress On A Sunny Day
  10. 10. 东 巴 文 字 (Dong Ba Wen Zi)
  11. 11. Religion:Ke Gong Tower Most of the Naxi held the faiths of Dongba Jiao, believing that all have spirits and those spirits could never die. When they encountered significant events such as marriage, death, festivals, or disasters, they would invite a wizard to chant.
  12. 12. Naxi People 纳西族 (Nàxi Zú) Life Styles: live on farming, stockbreeding and handicrafts. The Lijiang horse has also enjoyed the reputation for years of one of the treasures of Lijiang which were presented to the official courts because of its ability to transport goods in mountainous area.
  13. 13. Naxi People 纳西族 (Nàxi Zú)Naxi Woman sells breakfast  The Naxis breakfast is simple and usually consists of steamed bread, but lunch and supper are often more sumptuous. They like to pickle pork. The pickled Pipa pork is famous for lasting several years.
  14. 14. Naxi People 纳西族 (Nàxi Zú) Festivals: Based on the lunar calendar, the main Naxi festivals are Spring Festival, Pure Brightness, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Torch Festival. Generally, these festivals are celebrated with worship and sacrificial activities.
  15. 15. Restaurant Across The Canal
  16. 16. Cobblestone street, bridges, wooden houses, and canal
  17. 17. Night Life – Tea Time
  18. 18. Naxi People 纳西族 (Nàxi Zú)Fresco at Konka Gompa [ 贡嘎寺 ], Baisha Fresco - 2006 1929
  19. 19. Naxi People 纳西族 (Nàxi Zú) Other Customs: The Naxi people are warm and kind. After a hunt, they will share a piece of the kill with a casual passerby. When visited, they will prepare six or eight delicious dishes to treat their guests.
  20. 20. Jade Dragon Mountain (Mount Yulong) is with its 5596 meters the holy mountain of the Naxi people, and their god Sanduo is living on the mountain
  21. 21. Q & A ??
  22. 22. 谢 谢 ! Xiexie Thank you!