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City College News: The Next Generation


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Vision for the City College News student paper

Published in: Technology
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City College News: The Next Generation

  1. 1. CITY COLLEGE NEWS The Next Generation
  2. 2. Reality Check Creative growth is vital to our success: we need to take risks in order to be innovative Part of these risks include learning interdisciplinary skills: everyone needs to know how to write/edit and record/edit photo/video/audio for stories; have basic web design skills This is the direction journalism is going in and we can’t turn back The newspaper website is no longer just a fad, it is all we have As a small student paper, we can easily beat the professionals
  3. 3. What’s Wrong? Nobody wants to write for us Nobody reads print edition Nobody visits our website Nobody advertises with us Nobody knows we exist
  4. 4. What Can We Do? Connect people to each other Content found nowhere else Generate excitement & involvement within MCTC Stay cutting-edge with a user- friendly website utilizing equally user-friendly software
  5. 5. Community For engagement to occur, it is necessary to go into the community, establish relationships, build trust, work with the formal and informal leadership, and seek commitment from community organizations and leaders to create processes for mobilizing the community. —“Principals of Community Engagement,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2009 Reed’s Law: exponential scaling occurs with subgroups Social capital must be spent, cannot be saved, b/c it disappears after non-use
  6. 6. Transform Dead tree newspapers are dying & news websites are coming of age Connect our readers to each other and their surroundings Cellphone version site: many students have internet-enabled phones they use for web browsing Multimedia inclusion will both simplify & flesh out stories Audio/visual combination grabs interest in a way that print can’t
  7. 7. Why WordPress? Independent: no corporate interests at stake, just ours All of the creative control without any of the work Functionality governed by “plug-ins” you drag & drop Intuitive, without the current learning curve and frustrations No technical knowledge required; if you can blog, you can do it! 100% flexible and built for the future, whatever it may hold
  8. 8. Why Not College Publisher? Corporate interests at stake, Even CP uses WordPress for not ours! their own blog! Restrictive & inhibiting Papers on CP use WordPress for their “multimedia” Sites have long load times sections! due to their poorly written, proprietary & inflexible Let’s take those primary ads software spots and sell our own ads... and keep all the money! Nonexistent customer service
  9. 9. Multimedia Video cannot be aggregated in the way that written word can be, people have to watch entire video in order to understand it People will watch sub-par video if the audio is great: “If content is king, audio is queen,” says Jason Barnett of The UpTake Connect with the film and photography programs, not only for the students whose interests lie in the documentary Putting multimedia created by students on website increases page visitors, profits
  10. 10. CCN Student Bloggers Student bloggers for each program and clubs; nursing, barbering, GLBT--you name it, within reason! Multiple bloggers per area blog to insure new content Bloggers apply for position and are vetted by us Opinions (informed or not) are perfectly acceptable in blogs Possibly paid; maybe paid by amount of page views (a la Gawker) and other incentives such as contests, et cetera
  11. 11. CCN Comment Policy No hate speech, profanity, libel, or general stupidity allowed Possibly turn off comments on sensitive stories Facebook Connect plug-in used for accountability & ease If you use Facebook, you can comment w/o signing up for CCN Everyone knows who you are if you use Facebook & act stupid Designated comment moderators vs. group effort vs. curation
  12. 12. How Do We Make Money? Sell our own ads online Google AdSense, etc. Tap into Muslim community with targeted advertisers and Arabic-language page Adopt a sponsorship model Local media partnerships
  13. 13. Cost WordPress: free One-time $6.99 domain transfer to GoDaddy, which includes free year of registration Hosting: $8.98/month for unlimited bandwidth & space when paid yearly to PHP Webhosting (my reliable web host for 5+ years)