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All about me

  1. 1. All About Me By; josh E. Sanchez
  2. 2. My childhood My name is josh sanchez I’am 11 years old My birthday is 1/29/1999 I was born in Brownsville Texas
  3. 3. Favorite foods My favorite food is pizza I also like pasta Garlic bread Mostly Italian food
  4. 4. Favorite actors Kevin James Adam Sandler Chris rock George Lopez Will farrel
  5. 5. Favorite movies Spider man Indiana Jones series Grown ups Despicable me Shrek series
  6. 6. Favorite video games Sonic rush Super Mario sunshine Super Mario galaxy 1 and 2 Paper Mario and the thousand year door Sonic unleashed Mario brawl series
  7. 7. My family Lupita Sanchez Eddie Sanchez Natialia Sanchez Used to have a fish
  8. 8. Favorite place to eat Pizza hut McDonalds Denny's I hop
  9. 9. Favorite book Diary of a wimpy kid Diary of a wimpy kid2 Diary of a wimpy kid3 Diary of a wimpy kid4 Diary of a wimpy kid5 Diary of a wimpy kid do it your self Diary of a wimpy kid movie diary
  10. 10. Favorite songs House theme Despicable me theme We no speak amricano Scatmans world
  11. 11. Favorite TV show Robotomy Regular show Adventure time Mad Johnny test Danny phantom Invader Zim The Batman
  12. 12. Favorite thing for fun Play video games Watch TV Eat food read
  13. 13. Favorite video game chacters Mario Luigi Wario Waligi Sonic Shadow Knuckles Tails Mickey mouse
  14. 14. Favorite sport Four square Soccer Nerf Tether ball
  15. 15. Least favorite sport Foot ball Baseball Basket ball tag
  16. 16. Favorite color Black Blue Gold White Red green
  17. 17. The end