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  1. 1. How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions Or I’ll Stop Procrastinating. When I get around to it. Preliminary Version Fall 2006 Richard W. Malott Holly Harrison Plus Other Cool Ways to Succeed in School and Life Using Behavior Analysis to Get Your Act Together
  2. 2. Stumbling Toward the Good Life with Behavior Analysis
  3. 3. Hey, kids, turn this book over, so the back cover is on top, and leave it on your book when Hey, kids, turn this desk over, so the back cover is on top, Mom and Dad come to visit. and leave it on your all in big Otherwise, we’re desk when trouble. Works well to visit. Mom and Dad come for that Otherwise, we’re allwho’s intellectual friend in big trouble.riding your butt, too. always Works well for that intellectual friend who’s always riding your butt, too. Out of 20 students, 18 said they like the front cover; and one even said her roommate picked it up and started reading it (not too common among textbooks). But two said they didn’t like it. And we mean to please; hence, the alternative cover.
  4. 4. A Behavioranalytic Treatise on Auto-regulation in Homosapiens Richard W. Malott, Ph.D. Holly Harrison, M.A. Department of Psychology Western Michigan University