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Bacc special lecture details

  1. 1. Special Lecture Notes- BACC Advising Appointments 1. Point Contingencies: - BACC appointments are worth 20 participation points. If you don’t show you will lose those 20 points. - Follow-up appointments are worth 10 additional OAP’s. - Performance Contracts are worth 10 additional OAP’s. If there are several short-term goals involved towards achieving a larger goal in the Performance Contract then students can earn 10 OAP’s per completed smaller task. - Failure to complete a follow-up appointment or your performance contract results in the loss of 5 OAP’s. 2. Please be sure to sign the Informed Consent document. 3. Bring to the appointment: Graduate school applications, vita or resumes, personal statements, or any other relevant documents that your working on that you want to discuss during the appointment. 4. Contact system managers at: or if you have questions or concerns. 5. Tools to help you achieve your goals: - ABA and APA Website Job Aid - Course Descriptions - Faculty Job Aid - Listing of Graduate Schools by Area - How to Apply to Graduate School - Resumes and Vitas Job Aid and Samples - Personal Statement Samples - GRE Materials - Job and Research Opportunities - Transcript Request Job Aid - Permission to Take Graduate Courses Job Aid - Directory of Frequently Referenced Places
  2. 2. Lee Honor’s College Requirements and Psi Chi Honor’s Society 1. Lee Honor’s College APPLY BEGIN CLASSES REQUIREMENTS Applies… Begins classes… Requirements Prior to orientation Fall of freshman year 2 clusters; or a combination of cluster and single courses to equal 5; or 5 single courses PLUS 2 upper level courses During orientation Fall of freshman year 2 clusters; or a combination of cluster and single courses to equal 5; or 5 single courses PLUS 2 upper level courses During first semester Spring of freshman year 2 clusters; or a freshman year combination of cluster and single courses to equal 5; or 5 single courses PLUS 2 upper level courses During second semester Fall of sophomore year 1 cluster; or 3 single freshman year courses PLUS 2 upper level courses During first semester of Spring of sophomore year 1 cluster; or 2 single sophomore year courses PLUS 2 upper level courses During second semester of Fall of junior year 3 upper level courses sophomore year During junior or senior year Spring of junior year or 2 upper level courses (Need to be enrolled for at later least 3 more semesters at WMU from the time you apply regardless of expected graduation date) *** ALL students must also complete an honors thesis in addition to the requirements listed above.
  3. 3. 2. Psi Chi Honor’s Society Western Michigan University Psi Chi webpage: Eligibility for Membership: Membership in Psi Chi is open to those who are making the study of psychology one of their major interests and who are students or faculty members in an institution where a chapter is located. Both undergraduate and graduate students who have registered for major or minor standing in psychology or for a program psychological in nature may be eligible for membership if other requirements are fulfilled. WMU Requirements: • Completion of 3 semesters of college courses • Completion of 9 credit hours of psychology courses • Ranking in the top 35% of their class in general scholarship, which is an overall GPA of 3.3 (on a 4.0 scale) • Have a minimum Psychology GPA of 3.0 • Submitting a completed application packet, along with the $60 application fee. GRE Preparation Psychology 396. Advanced Principles of Behavior: Graduate School Preparation Instructor: Callie Simms and Deanna Niemiec Call Number: 45792, M 10:00 to 10:50 AM, Wood 2902 Call Number: 45794, T 4:00 to 4:50 PM, Dunbar 2210 Credits: 1 hr. - Psychology 396. Graduate School Preparation provides a structure with roughly five hours per week of assignments over the Kaplan GRE Exam book and CD and over other otherwise easily procrastinateable tasks, like getting info on good grad schools, getting letters of recommendation, and even getting your applications submitted on time. - Our published research shows that putting in 100 to 150 hours of this sort of structured GRE prep, raises the average combination Quant and Verbal GRE score by 100 points, enough to make the difference. - For more info, feel free to contact Callie Simms at, Deanna Niemiec at, or you can get much more info at and click on the link titled: “How to improve your GRE score”.
  4. 4. Commonly Referenced Offices College of Arts and Sciences 2318 Friedmann Hall Bronco Express Service Center (269) 387-4366 Bernhard Center-main level Academic advising (269) 387-6000 Apply for or check on the status of a Psychology Office financial aid, see a financial aid 3700 Wood Hall counselor, get unofficial transcripts, ask (269) 387-4500 basic registration questions, check Faculty Offices account balances, make payments, pick up refund checks Undergraduate Psychology Office 2124 Wood Hall Financial Aid (269) 387-4475 3306 Faunce Student Services Building Undergraduate advising, declaration of “Birdcage” major, choosing classes, graduation audit (269) 387-6000 Office of the Registrar WMU Bookstore 3rd floor Siebert Administration Building Bernhard Center-lower level (269) 387-4300 (269) 387-3930 To request a transcript Waldo Library Haenicke Institute for Global Hours of Operation (recording): Education 269-387-5155 2nd floor Ellsworth Hall Central Reference Desk: 269-387-5178 (269) 387-5890 Information Desk: 269-387-5059 Study Abroad opportunities Rood Hall Lee Honors College 3374 Computer Lab Across from Wood Hall and next door to (269) 387-4558 Rood Hall LAS students can print for free, BCW (269) 387-3230 classroom, special lectures location Psi Chi BATS Lab Mailbox in Psychology Dept. 2536 Wood Hall 3700 Wood Hall (269) 387-4491 Dr. Malott’s office, BACC system managers, Graduate Student Instructors’ office