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6. pink sheet flashcards


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6. pink sheet flashcards

  1. 1. Behaver Test Response-Unit TestRelated Outcomes Test Stimulus Test Deadman Test Causality Test Action Test 60” TestSpecific-Behavior Test Receiver Test
  2. 2.  Are there any interruptions  Is the person or animal of greater than 60 seconds  listed in all three cells of the diagram during the response?  the person or animal whose behavior you are analyzing? Is the before and after a stimulus, event, or  Is the before condition related to the after condition, and not a behavior of the behaver? condition? Is the outcome caused by the response?  Can a dead man do it? Does the outcome follow the response  Does the behavior involve an action? by more than 60 seconds? Is the behaver the receiver of the outcome  Is it perfectly clear (after condition)?  exactly what action is involved  in the behavior?