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4. gdsd job aid


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4. gdsd job aid

  1. 1. Goal-Directed Systems Design Quick reference Job Aid 1 Use this Checklist to evaluate an application of the Output-Process-Input Model Processes-  Outputs, Inputs, Goals-  Goal-Directed Approach- Does the process follow this Are outputs, inputs, and goals Does the accomplishment of each formula: "[verb]+ing + defined as things or conditions using sub-goal contribute to the [noun]," or "to [verb] + the following formula: "[adjective] + accomplishment of the higher [noun]?" [noun]?" goals? (It should be an activity)  Main Resources- Are the main Rules for Outlining-  Production- a process 1. Place the Final Output at the top resources raw materials for a that changes what an of the outline production process, resources organization inputs into 2. Outputs & Inputs are always distributed by a distribution a desired output. placed in parenthesis process, or customers? (Do not include resources that are not 3. Inputs consist only of main  Distribution- a process resources for the process that moves what an being processed by the processing 4. Processes must be labeled: organization inputs to a system.) Production, Distribution, or desired location without Research & Development changing that input.  Output-Process-Input Chain- 5. Lower levels must be indented st 1 Ask what you want to accomplish to the right and connected with a (output) line  Research & 2nd Ask how you accomplish that 6. Multiple resources or multiple Development- a output (process) processes may be located at the process of production 3rd Ask what you need in order to same level, and must be conducted specifically to accomplish that process (inputs) connected with a line. develop procedures, 7. Never connect Processes to instructions, or  Ultimate Goal- Does the highest Resources at the same level equipment to be used in level organizational goal involves the 8. The bottom of the outline must another production or well-being of living creatures? end with a main resource distribution process.  Final Output- Is the final output  Selling Process- If an of the organization distributed organization is in the outside the organization you are business of selling analyzing? something, are customers identified as one of the main resources? 1 Created by Lisa Haroff as part of the MA project in Summer 1999
  2. 2. Use this checklist2 to evaluate an application of the Goal Specification Form.Output © What is the ultimate accomplishment of your system? © Is it defined in terms of things and conditions—“adjective + noun”? Example: Undergraduates that are applying GDSD concepts to the desired standardStandards Current Ideal(Always specify an Quality © The degree of excellence or accuracyabsolute value for each Example: Students get a 92% on the GDSD testaspect. DO NOT define it Quantity © The amount, volume, number or ratein terms of the degree of an Example: 25 out of 30 students must score a 92%improvement or reduction Timeliness © The deadline for something to be completedin percentage such as “20% Example: Within 2 weeksmore than now” ) Costs © The amount of dollars/effort/hours to complete something (including cost of intervention) Example: No more than 6 hours spent on teaching each weekProcess © Does the process follow this formula: "[verb]+ing + [noun]," or "to [verb] + [noun]?" (It should be an activity) Example: Training undergraduates in GDSD _o_Production __Distribution __R&DFront line Current Ideal Cost of InterventionPersonnel © Are they the ones who work directly in the process? Example: TAsProcedures © Is it a description of a process that guides the personnel’s performance? © Is it worded in the following formula? “Following the Manual/Instructions/Training/Job aid/etc” on “how to” (a brief description of the procedure) Example: Training on how to teach undergraduates in GDSDEquipment © What is used to process the main resources? © Do they consist of things and not the abilities or skills of personnel? © Is it worded in the following formula? “Manual/Instructions/Training/Job aid/etc” on “how to” (a brief description of the procedure) Example: Books, worktext, job aidsContingencies © Is it worded in the following formula? “Bonus/Incentives/Praise/etc” contingent on (a brief description of performance or accomplishments)” Example: Praise from system manager contingent on effective teaching of GDSDManagement Current IdealPersonnel © Are they the ones who manage the corresponding front line unit? Example: System managerProcedures © See above mentioned criteria © Does the “Ideal” procedure involve implementing the performance management contingency? Example: Training on how to monitor TA’s performanceEquipment © See above mentioned criteria Example: ComputerContingencies © See above mentioned criteria Example: Praise from professor contingent on monitoring of TA’s performanceInput © What is the initial resource of the system? Example: Undergraduates that are not applying GDSD concepts to the desired standard 2 Created by Yvonne Heung as part of the MA project in Summer 1999; revised by Nic Weatherly in Spring of 2004
  3. 3. *Note: “Current” and “Ideal” columns only apply to standards, procedures, equipment, and contingencies