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Social networks upm


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Presentation at EU Social Networks and EU R&I Programmes Workshop

Published in: Technology, Business
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Social networks upm

  1. 1. Perspectives on social networks Joaquín Salvachúa Juan Quemada UNIVERSIDAD POLITÉCNICA DE MADRID
  2. 2. Social Network identity as an enabler for new services •  Communication mediated by Social Network identity may fuel new open collaboration and innovation models. •  Proper infrastructure may be an enabler for new generation services. •  Portable and distributed identity silos. •  New models of Authorization and authentication (Social Content Networks) •  Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation fuel. •  Beware of a “Panopticon” : Privacy related to Social Network Analysis. (especially with synergy related to Internet of Things).
  3. 3. Complex Network analysis •  Evolving complex network analysis with multiple overlay social- networks. (network science evolution). •  Cloud/Nosql graph implementation : •  go further than map-reduce (Study other parallelization paths). •  Usage for: •  Collaborative context. •  Social recommendations. •  Social-collaborative shopping.