Input & output devices nicole marmara


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Input & output devices nicole marmara

  1. 1. The keyboard has a lot of buttons called ‘KEYS’, these are divided into many areas such as : Alphabet keys Function keys(F1) Numeric keys Arrow keys Comand keys The most common keyboard used is the ‘QWERTY’ keyboard .This is because the layout is made for confort .This name was given because the first six letters on the top row of the alphabet.
  2. 2. Keyboards are used for entering data.Someone who is a skilled typer and spendsa lot of time on the computer can type veryfast. When using the keyboard for too long.You’ll suffer from RSI a.k.a repetitivestrain injury.when typing it is to make mistakes.
  3. 3. Pointing devices such as mouses are common.Traditionally, the mouse used was called themechanical mouse ,this used a rubber ball .Lateron,the mouse used was called optical mouse thissenses light in order to detect in which directionthe mouse moves.Today the cordless mouse is usedthis transmits the movement.
  4. 4. Ideal for use with desktop computers.Mechanicalmouse Optical Cordlesss mouse mouse Overuse can lesd to RSI
  5. 5. Is a small area on a Ideal where space isportable computer. limited.When the user touchesit , the computer willbe able to tell in whichdirection the user ismoving his/her finger. moist or sweaty fingers can disrupt the signals.
  6. 6. Extra memory sticks can be purchasedPictures taken by a camera arestored in memorycard or on thecamera’s memorynot on a film Digital cameras are generally more expensive
  7. 7. ADVANTAGES &DISADVANTAGESBar Code readersare The process is fastlike scanners whichuse laser beams.BarCodes are a that giveinformation about thecountry of theproduct. Only numbers are coded
  8. 8. has a lever which one moves tochange direction normally joysticks contain buttonscalled triggers. allows fast interactionsrequired in most games. some people finded harder than just using a normal mouse.
  9. 9. Output device sare used to translate computer signals into humanreadable forms.Ouput:information that comes out of the computer.Output devices:devices that brings out information.
  10. 10. Printers: give a hard copy of information.The speed iscalculated in pages per minute. ADVANTAGES&DISADVANTAGES:Permenant output ,use of paper.Impact printers: the head of the printer must hit aninked ribbon in order to print.Non impact printers: the head of the printer does nottouch the paper, and make less noise.Character printer: prints one character at a time.Line printers : Prints one line at a timePage printer: prints one page at a time.
  11. 11. work by placing small deroplets of ink on the paper, creating an character.There are 2 ways the process can be done: Thermal heat-by heat Though Vibration: Piezoelectric. ADVANTAGE: quiet DISADVANTAGE:ink may be smudged
  12. 12. This is the end of my presnentation thankyou for listening 