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C&I488 Sirsi2final


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C&I488 Sirsi2final

  1. 1. SIRSI DYNIX SYMPHONY The library automation system we need.
  2. 2. Cataloging SirsiDynix StaffWeb has cataloging abilities that support library staff in maintaining:  Title and copy records  Add or maintain title, copy, and MARC record information for a title  Allows for cataloging reports for lost or missing reports, reading programs, and shelf lists  Holdings display include jacket cover, table of contents, and author information
  3. 3. Cataloging  Enterprise Portal Solutions(EPS) rooms are  single interfaced portal designed to combined high quality information, resources, and services includeing books, rss feeds, and virtual references to the patron.  EPS rooms can be designed by the staff on a specific subject relevant to the library.
  4. 4. Circulation SirsiDynix PocketCirc is a wireless handheld device that allows library staff to:  Conduct daily circulation QuickTime™ and a procedures decompressor are needed to see this picture.  Inventory projects both online and offline  All without having to be at a desktop workstation
  5. 5. Circulation SirsiDynix StaffWeb has circulation abilities to support library staff in:  Checking copies in and out  Screening the status of copies  Placing holds  Maintaining and screening patron accounts  Adding short title records  Allows for the following circulation reports: copies on loan, copies on hold, copy status, copies in transit, fine list, and overdue list
  6. 6. Reports  Highly effective decision making tools  The ability to customize the reports to fit our needs  The program comes with more than 600 standard reports and utilities.
  7. 7. Report Capabilities  Collection analyses  Determine if the library holdings support the curriculum of the school  Periodically determine the age of the collection  Serials collection evaluation  Acquisitions budget  Determine at any point in time the state of the budget  Circulation  Determine usage of the collection, including overall numbers and statistics for particular subject areas
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Patrons SirsiDynix Symphony with the assistance of the PocketCirc benefits out patrons by:  Allowing new users to be registered on the spot  Continue helping patrons when network problems or power outages occur -- Circulation tasks can be completed in offline mode and uploaded at a later time  Allows patrons to be assisted in finding materials and then receive on-the-spot checkout
  10. 10. Patrons  IBistro a windows interface allowing patrons to access the library catalog from a remote access.  ILS (Integrated Library System)  patrons can use their local library card and check out holdings from a collaborating library as well as return that holding at other supporting libraries.  "Books by Mail" a feature allowing the patron to request holdings be sent to their home or office. .
  11. 11. Patrons
  12. 12. Montana Shared Catalog  A consortia that uses a SirsiDynix system  Web based  More than 80 libraries in Montana participate  Publiclibraries  School libraries  Academic libraries  Medical libraries  Special libraries  Click here for an example of the MSC
  13. 13. Other Notable Features: ChiliFresh ChiliFresh Review Engine: a complete social network embedded directly in a library's catalog  Embed patron-written book reviews directly into catalog records  Incorporate a number of social networking features such as: profiles, content lists, chat and messaging options, and forums for book discussions  Users will utilize these features from The Bookshelf and will be able to gather and make reviews on favorite works  Recommendations and suggestions from friends and other users with related interests can be accessed from The Bookshelf
  14. 14. Other Notable Features: InfOhio (SchoolRooms)  The statewide library network in Ohio, INFOhio, and SirsiDynix launched a new learning site with an assortment of resources  All of these resources are available from one single portal  SchoolRooms has 70 rooms full of educational material where students can find information on almost any topic they are looking for  Teachers, students, and even parents have access to these rooms  Every INFOhio automated school has access to this portal
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