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Running order (1)


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Running order (1)

  1. 1. Running Order Documentary: Café Nation Channel: Channel 4 Scheduling: Monday, 20:30-21:00 Duration: 27 Minutes (Including Advert Break) Description Length Title sequence – Montage of people drinking coffee, coffee machines, cups & supermarket. 30 Seconds Time Lapse- narration of rising consumption of coffee in the UK. 30 Seconds Chain VS Independent (1 Min) VOX pops - (What chain coffee brand do you prefer?) 20 Seconds Refer to statistics – On most popular coffee chain - (Grid of chain logos) 10 Seconds Archive footage – Oldest Coffee Chain History 40 Seconds Interview w/ a member of staff @ a coffee chain intercut with the public’s opinion on the chain’s 40 Seconds VOX Pop – students discussing introduction of Starbucks to college 5 Seconds Interview with Jackie over in-college Starbucks 30 Seconds VOX pops – (With public about independent coffee shops) 20 Seconds Footage of independent businesses in the area w/ negative impact of chains voice over 15 Seconds Intercut of 2 interview w/ Independent coffee shop staff 45 Minute Health Expert – Coffee for health (3Min 55Secs) How does coffee keep you awake? 15Seconds VOX pops w/ positive questions about coffee and your health intercut with GP’s professional opinion 1 Minute VOX pops w/ positive questions about coffee and your health intercut with GP’s professional opinion 30 seconds Statics (Graphic) about fair trade coffee w/ voiceover 10 Seconds Fair trade coffee morning – with discussion of fair trade importance. 1 Minute Archive footage- of coffee workers, showing the process of making coffee w/ voice over. 30 Seconds Interview with an independent coffee shop owner 2 Minute 11 Minutes 50 Seconds Advert Break 3 Minutes
  2. 2. Running Order Chain Brands Titles 10 Seconds (Archive Footage) Time Lapse – London Morning to night 10 Seconds VOX pops – how do you feel about Starbucks not paying taxes 30 Seconds Interview with Starbucks CEO 2 Minute Statistical break down of Starbucks tax avoidance. (Graphics) 15 Seconds Interview with coffee trader, looking at quality coffee and how to get your money’s worth. 1:15 Min/Sec VOX pops – What is instant coffee? 50 Seconds Statics (On Average) (Inside an instant coffee factory) Voice Over 3 Minute Continued process of making instant coffee Coffee chains strategies for marketing coffee, ‘Red Cups’ 40 seconds Future of coffee, exploring advances in coffee making, and new products coming out in the future (caffeinated gummi bears) 45 seconds Montage of vintage coffee adverts 35 Narration summarising the documentary, footage from each section to reinforce what has been said and give the audience a full view of the arguments made allowing they to weigh up the sides and make their own decision. 50 seconds Credits 20 Seconds 27:05