Copy of 14th january 2014 meeting minutes


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Copy of 14th january 2014 meeting minutes

  1. 1. Production Arts Planning Meeting Minutes 13/01/14 ATTENDEES Paul Pope (Chair) Anna Brown Ashleigh Gow Mark Edgington Nicky Davis Matthew Elliot Jordan Potsig Simpson Jordan Simpson Sophie Brown Lucy Andrew John McDermott Jordi Williams Joel Murray SCRIBE Ashleigh Gow MINUTES In terms of Marketing, as the team are not skilled with suitable software they will look into either being trained on it, but as this could be time consuming they will look at employing someone who is willing to help. Mark suggested Karl from Reprographics be asked to assist. The marketing team agreed to find this out by tomorrow before any deadlines are set. There is no name for the event, something that has to be decided in the next meting when the client is present. By the 21st of January, the Front of House team will issue a number of staff they need so that they can be arranged. Also on the 21st, initial ideas will be presented about how catering/decorating will run. Jordan from the Technical Team and the Stage Management team will also produce a list of ‘Amount of Staff needed’ by the 21st. A Basic Lighting concept will be produced by Thursday 16th so the team are kept up to speed with how the performance will look. Colour scheme for performance will be discussed tomorrow. Paul suggested that each team also meet outside the larger meetings in order to discuss small things e.g. The Colour so time is not wasted in larger meetings. Jordan agreed that the lighting will be finalised by 27th of January.
  2. 2. Production Arts Planning Meeting Minutes 13/01/14 Anna asked if there are any costumes that need to be ordered, and if so she would like this done by Thursday, however this will be discussed further when the Client is present. She will need 4-5 people as dressers on the night. And by the 7th February she will need an iron/ironing board and sewing Kit to make final alterations and amendments to costumes. The stage management team will have a set list by Friday and will issue a copy of this to everyone else. Paul warned that should a deadline be missed the work will be take from the person responsible and given to someone else so organisation is key with this unit following others on the course. Jordan made a drop Box so that any documents made could be shared via this. The team discussed the agenda for next meeting Meeting Adjourned.