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Digital Citizenship


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A presentation about digital citizenship

Published in: Technology
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Digital Citizenship

  1. 1. Digital Citizenship Jeffrey Yetter
  2. 2. Digital AccessDigital access allows electronics to be present in all individuals lives.
  3. 3. Digital AccessHaving internet access or a form of technology available for people to use at all times.
  4. 4. Digital CommerceDigital commerce is the retail aspect of technology, in other words allowing people to buy and sell on or through the internet.
  5. 5. Digital CommerceA perfect example of digital commerce are websites that let you buy and sell your own goods through the internet;, or
  6. 6. Digital CommunicationDigital communication allows individuals to exchange personal information through the internet.
  7. 7. Digital CommunicationWebsites that are a perfect example of digital communication are; o facebook o twittter o myspace o other social media websites
  8. 8. Digital LiteracyDigital Literacy is the school aspect of technology, allowing people to learn about technology through technology
  9. 9. Digital LiteracyAn example of digital literacy are workplaces; most individuals when the enter the workforce will encounter a piece of technology they have not seen before and must be able to teach themselves or learn from someone quickly.
  10. 10. Digital EtiquetteThe way your conduct yourself on the internet is known as digital etiquette.
  11. 11. Digital EtiquetteThe way you act on the internet is seen by everyone, that is why you must follow the same standards of conduct as you do in real life encounters.
  12. 12. Digital LawDigital law is similar to laws that are in place outside of technology, you must be able to follow the rules of the internet or you will get in trouble.
  13. 13. Digital LawAn example of this is crime or theft, which is the most popular form of crime through technology.
  14. 14. Digital Rights & ResponsibilitiesDIgital RIghts and responsibilities means that people that use the internet have the freedom to do what they want as long as they dont break the law.
  15. 15. Digital Rights & ResponsibilitiesDigital Rights: o Freedom to browse the internet o Learn about the new technologiesDigital Responsibilities: o Able to enjoy the rights with proper conduct o Follow the rules
  16. 16. Digital Health & WellnessDigital health and wellness is the well- being of yourself while using technology, as it could harm you physically, and mentally.
  17. 17. Digital Health & WellnessAn example of digital health and wellness is the harm that could come to your eyes, or addiction that could impair your mind.
  18. 18. Digital SecurityDigital security is protecting yourself while you are using the internet.
  19. 19. Digital SecurityWhile using the internet you should always protect yourself from the dangers of the internet that include; • thieves • virus