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Gist 16-march-2015-jacco


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introduction of me and my research group

Published in: Healthcare
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Gist 16-march-2015-jacco

  1. 1. Jacco van Ossenbruggen CWI, Information Access VU, Web & Media
  2. 2. IA group’s research focus • Human in the loop computing Too big for humans, too complex for machines • Big data: volume, velocity, variety, veracity, value • Bottom-up, data-driven: understand the data, for better models & representations • Top-down, user-centric: develop right abstractions for task-specific user interfaces
  3. 3. Past relevant projects • FP7/Fish4knowledge – How to design UIs to access unreliable results from imperfect machine learning techniques • COMMIT/SEALINCmedia – How to crowdsource tasks that are considered too difficult for the crowd (unreliable crowd and OCR) • Europeana/Connect – Web-scale integration of “vague” data (alignment-by-strategy toolkit) • FP7/COMSODE, COMMIT/Infinity – Search tasks too difficult for one-size-fits all (search-by-strategy toolkit)
  4. 4. Vision • Smart man/machine combinations, input/output cycles: – Automatic • IE, NLP, DM, Search/Rec, … – Manual • crowd/patients, experts/medical staff • Trust/privacy on both input & output side – Tool support to reduce privacy-risks when sharing, estimating information value • Platform to get, convey & reuse the data – Parallel development • Flexible/interoperable data model – C.f. usable/reusable trade off – Metadata/provenance/quality metrics
  5. 5. Example: AAT to WordNet • aat:restorer altLabels: restaurateur (fr), Restaurator (de) , hersteller (nl), ... scopeNote: Those engaged in making changes to an object or structure so that it will closely approximate its state at a specific time in its history. (...) When changes made are to prevent further deterioration, see "preservationists." More generally, for those who undertake treatment, preventive care, and research directed toward long-term safekeeping of cultural and natural heritage, see "conservators." • wn:restorer synonyms: refinisher, renovator, restorer, preserver gloss: a skilled worker who is employed to restore or refinish buildings or antique furniture.