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Nomadic crossings hybrid cloud primer


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Published in: Technology
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Nomadic crossings hybrid cloud primer

  1. 1. Cloud Computing<br />Hybrid Environment Primer<br />
  2. 2. What on-premise and hybrid environmentsshould you be considering<br />Internal Cloud<br />Utilize Cloud infrastructure inside the Enterprise<br />Full organizational control<br />Lower Risk<br />Private Cloud<br />Group determines security requirements<br />More organizational control<br />Medium Risk<br />Public Cloud<br />High volume limited customization<br />Limited organization control<br />Higher Risk<br />Hybrid Model consisting of a combination of models<br />2<br />
  3. 3. The challenge … is how we abstract software, content, & context across hybrid environments<br />3<br />Application<br />Programming Environment<br />Data Model & Database<br />Monitoring & Analytics<br />Operating System<br />Public Cloud<br />Private Cloud<br />Decreasing Lock-in / Increasing Portability <br />Cloud Deployment Platform<br />Software as a<br />Service<br />(SaaS)<br />Platform as a<br />Service<br />(PaaS)<br />Software as a <br />Svc Hardware<br />(SIaaS)<br />Google Apps<br /><br />Microsoft Azure<br /><br />Google App Engine<br />Oracle’s Cloud<br />Identity Mgmt<br />Messaging<br />Microsoft SQL <br />Amazon SimpleDB<br />Simple Queue Svs<br />Increasing Automation <br />Hardware as a Service<br />(HIaaS)<br />Datacenter<br />
  4. 4. Cloud deployment platforms need to integrate three core functions across hybrid environments<br /><ul><li>Identity Management systems to ensure secure and consistent access management across multiple environments
  5. 5. Workload Management systems performing auto-scaling, load balancing and deployment automation across multiple environments
  6. 6. Application Management services capable of monitoring products, applications and components partitioned across multiple environments</li></ul>4<br />
  7. 7. Everything old …<br />5<br />Data Center<br />
  8. 8. Is new again<br />6<br />Public Cloud<br />Private Cloud<br />Datacenter<br />Note:Final Phase Solutions<br />
  9. 9. Information explodes, storage/transfer costs shift, and customer demands change …<br />7<br />Datacenter<br />Public Cloud<br />Private Cloud<br />13%<br />2%<br />Today<br />85%<br />40%<br />25%<br />35%<br /> In 3 years *<br />* Note:Acxiom’s projection for it’s clients<br />
  10. 10. Three questions Technology Leaders need to be asking NOW !<br />Cloud Deployment<br />Programming Environment<br /> (SaaS)<br /> (PaaS)<br /> (SIaaS)<br />Data Model & Database<br />Monitoring & Analytics<br />Operating System<br />(HIaaS)<br />Public Cloud<br />Private Cloud<br />Datacenter<br />Non-Production - Dev, QA, DR<br /><ul><li>How canlower infrastructure costs next year and shifting CAPEX to OPEX procurement
  11. 11. How can I prepare for a hybrid computing environment (datacenter, public/private cloud)
  12. 12. How can I start shifting data processing paradigm to leverage the cloud, and benefit suppliers and customers </li></ul>8<br />