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Code Like A Boss - NETA 2016


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Go beyond the Hour of Code and get your students coding with some of these kid-tested, teacher-approved projects, games, and apps.

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Code Like A Boss - NETA 2016

  1. 1. Code Like A Boss
  2. 2. Code Like A Boss Susan Prabulos Elementary Computer Science Teacher Lincoln Public Schools t: @fabprab w: Jason Rushing Elementary Computer Science Teacher Lincoln Public Schools t: @jrushing72 e: w:
  3. 3. Graph Paper Code ● Google Slides presentation ● 4x4 Graph Paper Student Sheet
  4. 4. Graph Paper Code ● CodeArt iPad App (free w/ in app purchases)
  5. 5. Magic Squares/Cards • Magic Squares / Cards and Scratch version • Magic Card Flip Trick - Teacher Slides
  6. 6. CS Unplugged Sorting Game ● Comparing ● Sorting ● Developing Algorithms ● If / Then conditionals Lesson PDF from Sorting Game Printable
  7. 7. Al The Algorithm Alligator Teach younger children what an algorithm is by using these printables. Al the Algorithm Alligator.pdf
  8. 8. Kindergarten Path Activity
  9. 9. Happy Maps Slideshow
  10. 10. Happy Maps Slideshow
  11. 11. Conditionals with Donuts
  12. 12. Create My Creature • Show students an algorithm to create a creature. • Do not give students verbal directions. • Students could use a drawing program or paper and pencil to create the creature.
  13. 13. Create My Creature • When students are finished, talk about the results. • Encourage students to share what would make the algorithm better. • Talk about the importance of clear directions when creating an algorithm.
  14. 14. Scratch Ideas Knock, Knock Joke
  15. 15. Scratch Ideas Creative Stories Students write an original story, or retell a classic fable or fairy tale, using Scratch. Students were required to use multiple sprites and backgrounds; have a clear beginning, middle, and end; and incorporate a variety of coding blocks. Rubric example on following page.
  16. 16. Scratch Ideas Creative Stories - Rubric
  17. 17. Scratch Ideas What’s an Idiom?
  18. 18. Scratch Ideas Using Scratch to draw Turkeys Students created a new sprite in the shape of a turkey body. They then created the tail feathers using two different methods.
  19. 19. Scratch Ideas Make a Snowman
  20. 20. Scratch Ideas Using Scratch to draw Snowflakes /90783081/ s/91406344/
  21. 21. Scratch Ideas Interactive Chicken Egg 95016/
  22. 22. Scratch Ideas Activity Cards
  23. 23. Pencil Code Learn professional programming languages using an editor that lets you work in either blocks or text. Create art, music, games, and stories. Or invent a program that will change the world.
  24. 24. Go beyond the Hour of Code!! Set up Student Accounts and have them work through the various courses. Monitor progress using the Teacher Home Page. •
  25. 25. Bitsbox
  26. 26. Comparing Coding Languages
  27. 27. The Foos •
  28. 28. Scratch
  29. 29. Lightbot Free Demo (Hour of Code puzzles)
  30. 30. Tynker
  31. 31. Dash and Dot Robots
  32. 32. Sphero Robots
  33. 33. Ozobot Robots
  34. 34. BeeBot/BlueBot Robots
  35. 35. Apps
  36. 36. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES • Robot Turtles • Code Monkey Island • Zoombini’s • Laser Maze • EdX Classes • Code Like A Boss - Pinterest • Puzzlets
  37. 37. For LPS Staff Due to the timing of NETA presentation submissions last November and the recent announcement of the LPS instructional technology tool review process, the tools discussed in this session may or may not be approved for use with students in LPS. The LPS Instructional Technology Tool Review Process serves to honor our commitment to students and parents that the technology tools used in LPS comply with legal obligations, are aligned with instructional intent, are technically appropriate for our environment, and adhere to data and student privacy regulations. Please refer to the “Tools For Learning” web page for more information. INFO: [keyword ITT] Lincoln Public Schools
  38. 38. Code Like A Boss Susan Prabulos Elementary Computer Science Teacher Lincoln Public Schools t: @fabprab Jason Rushing Elementary Computer Science Teacher Lincoln Public Schools t: @jrushing72 e: