How To Build A Mailing List From Scratch


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Jason Rushton, List Building Expert shows you step by step how to build a mailing list from scratch that will be extremely profitable

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How To Build A Mailing List From Scratch

  1. 1. HOW TO BUILD A MAILING LIST FROM SCRATCH FOR FREE!<br />Ok, Let's get started.....<br />This topic has an enormous amount of material if I were to get into every detail of how to build a mailing list.<br />So what I want to cover are the main topics and the steps involved from start to finish.  It will then " try" to post more content on each of the steps involved to help break it down even further.<br />OK,<br />Before I get into the steps required, I am going to " assume " that you have a reliable hosting account and a " VERY" reliable autoresponder service.<br />If you do not have the above you will need to get them, but you can wait till you are ready to start building your list if you would like.<br />If you want to get the  necessary tools now I put up a page that will help you get everything needed here:<br /> <br />OK, now that you are setup and have your tools in hand......<br />Okay so its time to select a niche market thatyou can build your huge, profitable list with.Step 1 - Selecting your Niche<br />Okay so its time to select a niche market that you can build your huge, profitable list with. You will want to evaluate your niche markets, and then see what other email marketers are offering, then investigate what your prospects are interested in and how you can offer useful information that is catered towards their requests.<br />Just a word of advise You will want to focus on markets with longevity so that you will be setting up your lists for long term profitability.<br />You should analyze the market that you are considering focusing on for the following criteria:<br />- Does it consist of people who are likely going to solve their problems quickly, leaving little reason tostay subscribed to your list?<br />- Is your market based on a passing fad, rather than stable trend?<br />For example, I would say a long term list building campaign would be a market such as the weight loss industry, wherepeople are always going to struggle with their weight (That's just a given), and even those who temporarily lose weight may still  feel they benefit from your information and guidance.<br />Step 2 - Creating Your content<br />Now that you have determined what your niche is and what their needs are, you can start writing some content that is directed towards their needs.  You should stick to just giving good solid content in the very beginning but you can then start to " whisper" some subtle links for information they may need etc.<br />You should have some of this content prewritten before you start attracting prospects, but you can continue to write more as people start signing up. (It will evolve)<br />Step 3 - Creating A lead capture page<br />In this section of How to Build a mailing List we will Talk about squeeze pages<br />A squeeze page is a very basic web page that features your opt-in box and autoresponder code. This is where potential subscribers enter in their name and email address to be added to your list.<br />You want to focus on keeping your squeezes pages  simple, and avoid posting any external links or complicated navigation bars, in fact, squeeze pages should consist of a single page that prompts your visitor into subscribing to your list, eliminating any distractions or chance of your visitor being distracted  by anything else.<br />There are important aspects to this page that you will  want to keep in mind, including:<br />Punchy Headline - Just like a headline to a sales page,  you need your squeeze page to capture your visitor’s  attention and prompt them into action. Your headline should be written so that you are able to keep them  on the page long enough to subscribe, while your  secondary headline should feature one of your major points of interest.<br />Body - With squeeze or landing pages, you should typically keep the body text to a minimum, describing only the highlights and benefits of subscribing to your  list as well as a brief overview of what your subscriber  can expect to receive once a confirmed member.<br />The body text of your squeeze page should be brief but descriptive. What this means is that you need to cut down the amount of text featured on this page, yet still highlight what it is that you are offering and what your subscriberswill receive.<br />Step 4 - Setting up the Whole System (an overview)<br />In this section of How to Build a mailing List we will talk about the whole system.<br />I find up till this point people are usually following along nicely and understand everything, but when I try to explain the backend part of the process I usually lose people very quickly.<br />Basically you could send prospects to your Squeeze page and then directly to a generic thank you page after your autoresponder has collected their information.<br />But you would be leaving a lot of money on the table if you did things that way (and I see many people doing just that)<br />So I took the blueprint from a complete list building product that I sell and you can view the complete process from that blueprint.   you can view a larger image from the actual page here: <br />How to build a mailing list<br />Step 5 - Attracting Prospects to you <br />In this section of How to Build a mailing List we will Talk about attracting prospects to you<br />In this modern world which is chocked  full of direct marketing  and advertising, everyone is trying to grab their prospects attention with loud, and aggressive methods which actually turn them off. I find what works best actually is to what I call whisper, or give gentle nudges.  This is where you give content and make legitimate suggestions.  Sometimes when people are used to hearing yelling and shouting, if someone whispers everyones turns and listens.  You should try it sometimes. (It has a place and a time, Sometimes you need to shout but knowing when to whisper can be very effective :-) )<br />You can advertise your Lead capture Page using any form of advertising, and what will work best for you will determine the niche that you are in<br />So now that I have " Shown" you how to build a mailing list, the next step is to actually put this into action ans setup your own system<br />If you want more detailed information than this, I have an email series specifically on List building that you can subscribe to here:  This covers many other topics and also the topics covered here in much more detail.<br />Also if you have your research done and are intersted in the Internet marketing Niche, or some Niche withing internet marketing I suggest that you have a look at the complete System I have that is already done for you including Giveaway material, sqeeze pages, One time offers, Followup emails the whole nine yards!<br /> <br />Resources:<br />Complete List Building System in the IM Niche    Click Here <br />Free series on How Build A profitable list - Click Here <br />Tools to setup your own list - Click Here<br />Written By Jason Rushton <br />