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idga presentation


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idga presentation

  1. 1. Center for New Media and Citizen Engagement Karen Trebon,, 202-501-1802 Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies (OCSIT) U.S. General Services Administration October 19, 2010
  2. 2. OCSIT has a long history of engaging with citizens • – We’ve come a long way since launching as FirstGov in 2000 – 22 mobile apps – Spanish version of is • Search – Now with “search as you type” – Free for other agencies to use – iPhone app released October 14, in conjunction with 10th Birthday party • Customer service by email and web chat • National Contact Center at 1 (800) FED INFO
  3. 3. Also using free New Media tools • U.S. Government YouTube channel • Facebook pages • Twitter – Government URL shortener – Like, you get a shorter URL – Public knows they are getting official gov. info. • GovGab blog
  4. 4. Web and New Media Management • Web Manager University New Media Talks • • Web Content Managers Forum and Listserv • Terms of Service Agreements – Basic agreements between GSA and 43 social media providers – May not address all your issues, but it’s a place to start
  5. 5. Open Gov • Open Government Directive 12/8/09 • • GSA helped other agencies get comments on their open government plans • Set up IdeaScale “instance” for most of the 24 CFO Act agencies • Faster and easier than each agency doing it’s own market research, procurement • Create once, use many !
  6. 6. Working closely with U.S. CIO and CTO, White House OSTP Two products launched since the Center was founded in the Spring
  7. 7. Citizen Engagement Platform
  8. 8. Features of CEP • Two discussion forums, two wikis, one blog tool • MediaWiki – same software that drives Wikipedia • Wiki templates – Project management – Meeting planning – Document creation – Brainstorming • Release blog to keep track of developments
  9. 9. More CEP Features • Complies with accessibility requirements • Hosted in secure federal cloud space
  10. 10. Launched September 7 with almost 40 challenges from 16 agencies
  11. 11. The Orteig Prize inspires Charles Lindbergh to give flight to the commercial aviation industry. Photo by Flickr user wallyg used under a Creative Commons license
  12. 12. The Progressive Automotive X-Prize is breaking energy barriers—and our addiction to fossil fuels. Photo by Flickr user Argonne National Laboratory used under a Creative Commons license
  13. 13. Spur discovery and investment Tap into new sources of innovation Only pay for results Set the goal, not the approach Raise awareness and action
  14. 14. Easy. Clean, inviting design.
  15. 15. A friendly introduction for all types of users.
  16. 16. Easily discover challenges that matter to you.
  17. 17. Provide powerful financial and social incentives.
  18. 18. Get from idea to online in minutes.
  19. 19. GSA has addressed procurement, privacy, security, accessibility, usability and other important issues. Photo by Flickr user Kevin H. used under a Creative Commons license
  20. 20. Amazing Partners
  21. 21. Celebrate the challenges, not the website
  22. 22. Amazing Partners
  23. 23. CPSC Carbon Monoxide Safety Poster Contest “How to Become President” HHS Connecting Kids to Coverage EPA Game Day Challenge
  24. 24. Results so far • 283,909 page views on • 69,171 visits to • 2,674 “supports” from the public • 1,809 social media mentions, sentiment 94% + • 795 followers on our Twitter account
  25. 25. Photo by Flickr user euthman. used under a Creative Commons license Photo by Flickr user pauldevoto. used under a Creative Commons license Federal Agencies • Get access on • Learn more about challenges • Look for opportunities • Spread the word The Public • Sign up and get started! • Find great challenges • Support, discuss, and share • Solve, submit, and win
  26. 26. Thank you! @GovNew Media @challengegov
  27. 27. Resource List • Terms of Service Agreements • OMB Challenges and Prizes Guidance 3/8/10, Sample challenges • Web Content Mgrs. Forum • WMU