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Peer Review For Essay


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Published in: Education
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Peer Review For Essay

  1. 1. PEER REVIEW FORM: Reviewer ___________________________ Essay Author _________________________ DIRECTIONS: Please respond fully to the following questions on this form. Then return the form to the essay author to assist his/her revision. This draft and this form should be attached to the finished essay when it is submitted. 1. Paraphrase the author’s main topic. _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 2. What were some supporting facts that the author used to make his/her claim? Use specific quotes from the paper. Also, give some suggestions to improve this part of the essay. _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. Is the essay clear? Does it flow well? Do you understand the introduction and conclusion? How can the organization be better? _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 4. Grammatical/mechanical errors? Be specific. _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 5. Review for other surface errors—apostrophes in possessives, spelling errors, subject-verb disagreement, overuse of commas, etc. Circle those concerns on the draft. If you see that the author has a tendency to repeat certain errors, note them here so that the author can edit her final draft with those details in mind.