What's That Cloud Thing (Make Web Not War)


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[ Watch the video - http://youtu.be/iQ4wjO4dRTo ] The Cloud is like the new "HD". Everywhere you go these days, there's something about the Cloud or someone is talking about it. So what's hype all about? Why do your applications need it? Tune in to find out. You'll see how your existing apps can go to a whole new level and how your new apps, whether they're on the web, on the desktop, or on devices roaming the world, can go from being awesome to being epic.

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  • Contest Rules: No purchase necessary. Contest open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec. There are nine (9) prizes available to be won consisting of three (3) Xbox/Kinect bundles (approximate retail value of $300, three (3) Windows Phone devices (approximate retail value of $500), and three (3) American Express gift cards valued at $500. Selected participants are required to correctly answer a skill-testing question. Contest closes on March 8, 2012 at 6:00PM EST. For full contest rules go to http://www.webnotwar.ca/you-too-can-become-a-make-web-not-war-warriors/.
  • What's That Cloud Thing (Make Web Not War)

    1. 1. What’s that “#Cloud”thing?Jonathan Rozenblitjrozenblit.ca/about
    2. 2. Cloud: The New “HD”
    3. 3. 3 Challenges
    4. 4. 3 Challenges Time to market Managing infrastructure
    5. 5. 3 Challenges Time to market Managing infrastructure
    6. 6. Basic Local AppBuilding? Managing? Application Database OS OS Server Server
    7. 7. A Basic Cloud App Microsoft Building? Managing? Application Application Database Database Application Application Database OSDatabase OS OS OS Database Application Application Database OS Server Application OS Application OS Server OS Server Database Server Database OS Server Application OS Application OS Server OS Server Database Server Database OS OS Server OS Server OS Server Server OS OS OS OS Server Server Server Server Server Server Server ServerApplication DatabaseOS OSServer Server
    8. 8. Addressing the 3 ChallengesChallenge: Time to MarketSolution: On-demand hardware – infrastructure when you need it.
    9. 9. Addressing the 3 ChallengesChallenge: Having to deal with infrastructureSolution: Automation and management via wizards
    10. 10. Addressing the 3 ChallengesChallenge: Tools to make development easier and fasterSolution: Services, tools, toolkits
    11. 11. And Then Some… Those plus: Infinite scale Geographic distribution Pay as you go Guarantees Protection … and more.
    12. 12. What actually needs all of thesethings?
    13. 13. Apps for the Cloud Websites Mobile Devices Apps Social Social Apps Games
    14. 14. Show me the bits and pieces
    15. 15. Would a Real Cloud Please Stand Up?
    16. 16. Windows Azure Platform Business Compute Intelligence Storage Service Bus Database Access Control Service Content Delivery Network Caching VPN
    17. 17. Developers, Developers, Developers Ruby
    18. 18. Tools and Toolkits .NET Mobile Windows Azure SDK Toolkit for Windows Windows Azure Tools for Phone Visual Studio Toolkit for iOS Java Toolkit for Android SDK for Java Social Apps/Games PHP Toolkit for Social Games SDK for PHP SharePoint Integration Ruby SharePoint and SDK for Ruby Windows Azure Development Kit
    19. 19. So now what?
    20. 20. Next Steps 90-Day FREE trial – http://bit.ly/GetAzureTrial Get the FREE tools – http://bit.ly/GetAzureTools Windows Azure Camp – 5 sessions covering this in way more detail – http://azurecamp.ca/OnlineHome Hands-on labs
    21. 21. Windows Azure Challenge You like free stuff right? Here’s how to get some: Go to http://azurecamp.ca/acchallenge Download the hands-on lab Start from the beginning or work backwards (completed lab included) Deploy the lab, send in your screenshots Reward yourself! PHP Code also available (http://azurecamp.ca/AzurePHPSamples)
    22. 22. Earn your badges + win prizes!Attend a session + earn a badge http://j.mp/AuyjsxFill out the form after your last session http://j.mp/ypFf0Q onMarch 8thMore sessions = more badges = more prizes!9 prizes will be drawn on March 15th: 3 badges = 3 XBOX/Kinect bundles 5 badges = 3 Windows Phone devices 7 badges = 3 Amex gift cards of 500$Remember more badges = more chances to win !!!
    23. 23. Thank You!