Working Effectively As A Team The Compass Program


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This is a presentation discussing th key factors in how to make better group decisions as a team and how to arrive at a consensus. This is from a workshop of ours.

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Working Effectively As A Team The Compass Program

  1. 1. WELCOME! Working Effectively as a Team The Compass Program June Session Next Month: Empowering Others for Success
  2. 2. What is a TEAM? A group of people working together, committed to achieving a common goal
  3. 3. This Workshop Will Help You To… Create the environment where everyone is committed towards working together to achieve a common goal
  4. 4. Team Decision Making Why is the function of decision making so important to the overall success of the team? 3. Allows the team to make better decisions which allows the team to produce better work 4. When done right, it helps to significantly increase the commitment level of the team members, as well as build relationships and trust
  5. 5. The Methods of Group Decision Making: Lack of Response
  6. 6. The Methods of Group Decision Making: Authority Rule
  7. 7. The Methods of Group Decision Making: Minority Rule
  8. 8. The Methods of Group Decision Making: Majority Rule
  9. 9. The Methods of Group Decision Making: Consensus
  10. 10. The Methods of Group Decision Making: Unanimous Consent
  11. 11. What is Groupthink? Groupthink was a term coined by social psychologist Irving Janis  “A mode of thinking that people engage in when they are deeply involved in a cohesive in- group, when the members’ strivings for unanimity override their motivation to realistically appraise alternative courses of action.”
  12. 12. Criteria to Decide Which Method is Best  Amount of time available  The make-up of the members  The Team Operating Norms  The nature or importance of the task  The history of the group  The work climate the group wants to establish
  13. 13. Consensus When all team members understand the decision, commit to it, and will support it, even if they may not agree with it 100%.
  14. 14. Behaviors that help to encourage consensus  Contributing ideas and opinions  Building on your ideas and others’  Clarifying information  Summarizing and pulling ideas together  Focusing the group on the task at hand  Encouraging other group members to share  Regulating who participates and how much  Harmonizing during disagreements
  15. 15. Group Decision Making Model
  16. 16. How to create a fishbone diagram 1. Define the problem 2. Identify several possible causes 3. Brainstorm factors which contribute to or cause each major category 4. Explore more and more specific causes 5. Identify and circle the most likely root causes
  17. 17. What we covered:  Importance of group decision making  Team Operating Norms  6 decision making methods  Groupthink  Consensus  Group Decision Making Model, brainstorming  Team problem solving – fishbone diagram
  18. 18. Coming up: Recap E-mail: Today MAP Meeting: This week 1-on-1: Next week Accountability Call: Wed, 7/1 @ 8:30am Next Month: Wednesday, July 8th Empowering Others for Success
  19. 19. Final Quote: “The problem for the group as a whole is that is a substantial number of people take the wait- and-see attitude, it is difficult to get any group action started.” -Edgar H. Schein