Biology Procedures And Expectations


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Biology Procedures And Expectations

  1. 1. Biology Procedures and Expectations Daily Classroom expectations • Be in your seat, ready to begin when the bell rings. Begin following any instructions on the board. • Have your textbook, 3-ring binder, supply of paper, a writing utensil, and a pack of markers with you every day. • Be attentive and participate in ALL class activities. • No foul language. • Remain in your seat until the bell rings. • ASK questions. Not turning in something or doing something because you don’t understand in unacceptable - ask! I am here to help – that’s why I make the big bucks!  • Follow all lab safety procedures. • Do NOT bring food or drink into the classroom. Water in the desk area is okay. • Be on time the school tardy policy is in effect! Consequences Participation • Loss of Participation points for not having required materials (1 point/item). • Loss of participation points for leaving a lab dirty (5 points) everyone at that table loses points! • Sleeping in class or not participating in activities (5 points.) Behavior • 1st infraction - Warning • 2nd infraction – STEN detention (failure to attend will result in after school detention!) • Multiple infractions – call home and additional STEN detentions. • Severe infraction – Referral to office. • Automatic referral for not following lab safety procedures. Grades in this course will be based on • Tests and quizzes • Laboratory exercises • Written assignments • Current events • Projects/Presentations • Homework • Class participation (50 points)
  2. 2. Grading Scale • 93 and up = A • 70-77 = D • 86-92 = B • 69 and down = F • 78-85 = C Materials Each student will have the following materials with them daily ---Book, folder, notebook, a 10 pack of markers or colored pencils (you may borrow these from you teacher, but it is better to get your own), writing utensils, and a supply of paper. Failure to do so may result in the loss of participation points! Notebook/Folder • For this class you will be required to keep you materials organized. • Students are required to have a folder and a spiral notebook with them every day! • You will keep all notes that are taken in class in the folder. • This will be checked for completion and neatness approximately every 4-5 weeks. Absence Responsibilities • When absent it is YOUR responsibility to find out what you missed. You can obtain this information from the Internet, or when you return to class and it is NOT in session! Check late work folders on the wall when you return. • When you are absent for any reason the blue “Late Assignment” form must be attached to your assignment. • Any missed quizzes, tests, or labs will be made up during STEN; or at a time YOU schedule with me. These cannot be made up during class. Late Work • You can hand in your work a day late during STEN for a grade off. Some assignments may not be turned in late like a test review. • Some assignments (like a review due the day of the test) may NOT be handed in late. • Current events may be done the day after they were due for 74% credit with a note from your parent. After that you will receive a 0. • The blue “Late Assignment” form must be attached. Failing Grades If you are receiving a failing grade you may be required to attend STEN several times a week. After each test you will be given the opportunity to make corrections on the test for additional points. Failure to attend a required STEN period will result in a demerit.