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How to Clean A Tactical Rifle Scope | Tactical Scopes |
New and Used Tactical Rifle Scopes for sale
If you own a rifle, th...
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How to clean a tactical rifle scope


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How to clean a tactical rifle scope.

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How to clean a tactical rifle scope

  1. 1. How to Clean A Tactical Rifle Scope | Tactical Scopes | New and Used Tactical Rifle Scopes for sale If you own a rifle, then cleaning, assembling and dissembling a rifle to clean it are some of the things that you should know if you want to keep your rifle in optimum condition. The same thing goes for tactical rifle scopes. The amount of care put into it has to be high as rifle scopes are expensive and very sensitive. A clean lens makes the difference between a hit and a miss especially if you are out in combat or stalking a field, ready to aim at your prey. Although these equipment are made to be robust and take bad handling and rough situations, they are also of engineering sophistication at the highest end of optical devices, meaning that it has to be kept clean and well cared for if you want to them to provide the same level of performance and the high quality precision for both long range and accurate shooting as when you first purchased it. There are many rifle scope cleaning kits available in the market. Purchasing a cleaning kit specifically designed for your own scope will give you the necessary tools and cleaning liquid. Before you purchase one, it’s good to get a first hand lesson in cleaning and caring for them. Here are the basics: Step 1 Some of the basic things you need for cleaning a tactical rifle scope are a soft brush and clean cloth. Steady and clean hands are also essential. Using the soft brush, gently clean away any surface dirt from around the lenses. Never clean the lens directly. Some lenses have the tendency of getting scratched easily than other so best not to do this directly. Most cleaning kits for the specific scope come with specially designed brushes to help you clean, otherwise stay away from using the brush on the lens. Step 2 Using optic solvents spray the lenses adequately. You can find these cleaning agents in any eyewear shop, hardware stores and even sporting goods stores. Your cleaning kits will also come with cleaning solvents. Using a smooth cloth, such as the on normally given with spectacles, wipe the lens with this cloth. This cloth is called an optical cleaning cloth which can also be purchased as optical shops. Step 3 Once this is done, now using the dry part of the cloth, clean the surface again. Never use normal cloth as this can easily scratch the lens. A good cleaning kit to consider is Austria's Swarovski who makes a great all-in-one lens cleaning kit which comes in the form of a green cordura-type pouch, with pockets to hold the lens-cleaning fluid bottle, lens brush pen, moistened lens wipes and packet of lens tissues. Leupold comes in next with a double-end application in the shape of a pen which is a brush at one end and a non-fluid lens-cleaner at the other. You can also try Bushwear Spudz which is a cleaning cloth that is stitched to a protective elastic waterproof pouch. All you need to do is pull out the cloth, clean your lens and pop it back into the pouch. Related posts: 1. Leupold Mark 4 Tactical Rifle Scope Review 2. Tactical Scopes: Choosing A Tactical Rifle Scope 3. Choosing The Best Tactical Rifle Scope 4. Nightforce NXS 12-42x56mm Tactical Rifle Scope Review 5. Nightforce Scopes 6. Tactical Scopes