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Federal firearms license guide


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Federal firearms license guide

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Federal firearms license guide

  1. 1. FFL FREE REPORT Federal Firearms License Guide is an affiliate of BMADDOX ENTERPRISES, LLC. FFL License? From Home? We are an FFL Licensed So you are thinking about process for a home base Dealer & a Class 3 FFL getting your Federal Firearms dealer. I read everything I Dealer , License (FFL)? Living the gun could find on the subject: BMADDOX ENTERPRISES, LLC. owner’s dream, order firearms online, library books, talked & all sporting goods with other FFL dealers, former accessories directly from the FFL dealers, and even called same wholesalers as the local the ATF inspectors to see what I Brandon L. Maddox sporting good stores? I did it needed to do to exceed their Federal Firearms License See My Other Websites: and will help you do the expectations and gain a Guide same… guaranteed! speedy approval. I even and asked tons of questions. I South Dakota Silencer bought all my competitors kits met with two inspectors; a My father-in-law has an FFL as and guides. Prairie Dog Hunting new one in training & a very part of his drug store and I was Guide experienced ATF agent, their able to observe firsthand how With all this knowledge, I combined knowledge was convenient it is to order started the FFL application eBay Store very valuable. After I finished firearms directly from the process… only to find a lot of the FFL approval process, I wholesalers or the the information that I read was decided to create my own manufacturer without the outdated and honestly just Become an Affiliate: guide to make the process transfer fees. Even my father- plain wrong, this is not a sales even easier for new dealers. Join ClickBank as an in-law thought you needed a pitch, this is the honest truth affiliate and make store front business to get and this fact alone prompted Key thing to remember in the commissions by selling our approved for an FFL License. I me to write my own FFL beginning is that this is a guides. decided to do some extensive License Guide. The most Federal License and a research to better understand helpful information came Federal application, worry the reality of the FFL when I met directly with the about the Federal part first to application and approval ATF inspectors for half a day get approved. Home- Base FFL License Getting Approved? FFL Report Index Can I get an FFL License from sure I understand every known knowledge base is what you my HOME? YES issue in the application and buy when you buy my guide. Wholesaler Insights 2 approval process. Having an I have an FFL01, Class 3 SOT Do I have to be a gunsmith as application pending allows me FFL License and have an Local Issues 2 other guides claim? NO to ask tons of questions and FFL07 manufacturing license Class III License 2 gain numerous insights and a Class 2 SOT. How do you know the secrets throughout the entire ATF Example from our Guide 3 to getting an FFL License at approval process. My guide works for home, your home? Because I have business and for all types of Closing Thoughts 4 One! I am the most knowledge FFL Licenses and person in America to help you manufacturing of firearms Have you researched other FFL get your FFL License, with the licenses. License Guides online, do they obvious exception being an have a home based FFL ATF Licensing Agent. Why? Having an FFL License is License? NO, do they answer Because I keep applying, addictive; you will become your questions before or after meeting new inspectors and I VERY popular with your the sale? NO answer hundreds of emails buddies as well. What are each week from current you waiting for? Obama may I apply for a new FFL License take your rights away, ACT customers, old customers, and every 3 months to help make Today! potential customers. This
  2. 2. 2 FFL FREE REPORT FROM FEDERALFIREARMSLICENSEGUIDE.COM Wholesaler Insights There are a lot of wholesalers you to be a stocking dealer License as a business entity, I out there selling firearms. For with large inventories, some give you insights on how to guns, I only use one require that you have a store do this in my guides; the FFL wholesaler for all of my gun front and require you to send License being in a business needs. I was surprised to them a picture of your store name may make it easier to find that some wholesalers front and your yellow pages get approved in the ATF are much more expensive phone book listing. I point you application process & at the than others. In our guide, I in the right direction based on next step with the wholesalers make recommendations on our research and experience getting your buying accounts the Top 10 wholesalers based to avoid these issues by setup. on selection, price, and focusing on just 10 that are the best. Be thinking of a name for ability to easily getting an your new business; e.g. Bob’s account with them; this You can apply for an FFL Guns. My guides cover all insight is worth the price of License in your own name as these topics & will help you “Freedom is working for the guide. a “sole proprietor” or as a decide what options will work Some wholesalers require business entity, either is fine. If best for your individual one’s self. Now that I you decide to setup your FFL situation. Class III & Class II FFL License have an FFL, I am a real business owner helping This will be like an FFL License barrel rifles, etc. My Class 3 We focus only on silencers on steroids! Some of the FFL / SOT guide will work for customers get the items and have found this to be a other online guides I this option as well. great opportunity, higher purchased said it would be they want for hunting, margins than regular impossible to get a Class III Before you get too excited, firearms. We drive all interest FFL license from your home do a little research on competition, or for silencers through our address. When I met with manufacturing machine website, gun shows, and the ATF, they said it would guns with a Class 2 FFL / SOT. collection”. word of mouth. Just not be a problem if I You can only manufacture remember you must have an completed the proper as part of a demo for a local FFL License first to apply for paperwork and they showed police department and Class III FFL. me how to do it while I met when you drop your license, with them. You will get the you then have to sell to What is a Class II License? insight track from me, directly another Class 3 / Class 2 SOT from the licensing authority. Most gun dealers apply for dealer, give to AFT or the and obtain an FFL01, which police department. You will be able to sell, is a basic gun dealer’s transfer, and purchase all I have to admit, I decided to license; this is what I would NFA items like machine guns, get an FFL07 and then a recommend for 99.9% of all silencers, explosives, short Class 2 SOT so I could legally customers. If you want to barrel rifles, etc. The fee you have more fully automatic manufacture firearms you can charge for transferring toys. I have a great can apply for an FFL07, my these items is about $100 relationship with my local law guide works for this as well each. We found this to be a enforcement departments and this license is actually a very lucrative business and these toys are just too little cheaper. opportunity because there much fun. are so few per state and so If you have an FFL07 and few per city. We almost If you want an FFL07 – Buy then apply for a Class II have a monopoly in our area the FFL License Guide. If you license you can as a Class 3 dealer. want an FFL07 & Class 2 SOT, manufacture NFA items, yes machine guns, silencer, short buy the combo guide! This FFL FREE Report Compliments of Federal Firearms License Guide an affiliate of BMADDOX ENTERPRISES, LLC
  3. 3. 3 Example From Our Guide We have placed an example below to show you our level of thoroughness and detail within our guides. Part of the application process involves having fingerprints taken and submitted with the application process. The fingerprints have to go on a certain set of fingerprint cards; we tell you which cards and how to get them in the mail or locally. Using the wrong cards with get you declined or significantly delayed. We have taken the card and explained everything you need to fill out and what to place in each blank to ensure a quick approval; we do the same for the other forms that make up the FFL Application Process and Class 3 Application Process. 1. Sign with your full name signature. 2. Your complete address, including city, state and zip code. 3. Leave blank. Have fingerprint taker complete. 4. Leave blank. Have fingerprint taker complete. 5. Leave blank. Have fingerprint taker complete. 6. Write “FFL Application, F7” 7. Your last name, first name and middle name. If no middle name, enter NMN. If middle initial only, enter MIO. 8. Your maiden name or any previous married names. Also, include any other previous names and nicknames. 9. Will be prefilled by ATF. (Reason Fingerprint cards need to come from ATF) 10. The country where you are a citizen. Ex: USA 11. Leave blank. 12. Leave blank. 13. Your Armed Forces Number, if applicable. 14. Your complete social security number. 15. Leave blank. 16. M for male or F for female. 17. Use one letter: W=White, B=Black, A=Asian, I=American Indian or Alaskan Native, U=Unknown. 18. Your height in 3 digits, e.g., 410= 4 feet 10 inches, 500= five feet, 602= 6 feet two inches. 19. Your weight in 3 digits, e.g., 098= ninety-eight pounds, 185=one hundred eighty five pounds. 20. Your eye color in 3 letters, BLU=Blue, BRO=Brown, GRN=Green, GRY=Gray and HAZ=Hazel. 21. Your hair color in 3 letters, BAL=Bald, BLK=Black, BLN=Blond, BRO=Brown, GRY=Gray, RED=Red or Auburn, SDY=Sandy, and WHI=White. 22. Your date of birth in six digits only, e.g., 121173=December 11, 1973, 020550=February 5, 1950. 23. 23. The state where you were born in two letters, e.g., FL=Florida. Otherwise enter the country where you were born.
  4. 4. 4 FFL FREE REPORT FROM FEDERALFIREARMSLICENSEGUIDE.COM Exclusive – Class 3 FFL Guide We are the only company offering an instructional guide on how to get your Class 3 FFL License. If you want access to higher margin items and want access to the fully automatic toys for yourself, this is the best way to enhance your FFL License. We make this application process easy and we are always available for questions, we are a Class 3 dealer as well. Just remember you need your FFL before you can apply for a Class 3 FFL. It only takes two weeks to process and get your Class 3 after you obtain your FFL License. The insiders call it an SOT license. We also advise you on how you can purchase NFA items for your inventory without having to pay the $200 ATF tax for each item you add to your inventory. NFA items in your inventory can be used personally and can be kept forever without the transfer fee if you follow the steps we outline in our Class 3 guide. Hurry and get your FFL before it's too late! Head over to the I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota; married a lady from South Dakota. Federal Firearms License Guide Born in Alabama, raised in Georgia and then moved to North Carolina. Pharmacy degree from Univ. of North Carolina – Chapel Hill website or click here to go there and Master’s in Business Administration from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. now! Picture taken while prairie dog hunting in S.D. at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Pistol is for rattlesnakes, fires a .410 shotgun round! Bond Firearms – Bought at dealer’s cost with my FFL! Closing Thoughts far in the report, you are truly interested and need to start to act before Obama makes it harder or even impossible! the application process Getting your FFL License and and insights learned firsthand today. It might look like a lot GOOD LUCK! Class III FFL License is difficult are worth a lot, your time is to of work if you think about it all if you don’t have help, you valuable! at once, but a few minutes need to know which forms to It is my passion to help others, each day and in no time you complete and need easy to so feel free to email me with will have your FFL. follow directions on how to complete the applications questions, feedback, or You will be so happy you correctly the first time. It is success stories for our went through the process. very beneficial to have a testimonials page. We have We have a 100% money guide written by someone helped literally hundreds of back risk free guarantee, so who recently went through gun owners become FFL get started TODAY! What are the process. Time saving tips dealers. If you have read this you waiting for? We all need This FFL FREE Report Compliments of Federal Firearms License Guide an affiliate of BMADDOX ENTERPRISES, LLC