Building a Brand in an Industry of Anonymity - AFSLR 2013


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My presentation at the 2013 AFSLR conference.

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  • I have a family with 2 kids and we’re soooo happy. I use a calculator from 1990. Do you trust me?
  • Am I a real person? Do you trust me?
  • These are real. From real companies.
  • Check eligibility now?
  • We gain your trust by providing information you can use. We don’t just shove a lead conversion down your throat.
  • And you can email us too.
  • We aren’t hiding. Oh Jon you’re just using these hot button words but aren’t backing them up with facts.
  • Building a Brand in an Industry of Anonymity - AFSLR 2013

    1. 1. Building a Brand in an Industry of Anonymity Jon Robinson @jrobinson82 jbrobinson413
    2. 2.
    3. 3. What am I going to show you? • How important is trust? • How to acquire customers you didn’t know existed. • Prove to you that branding is important. Show you how to filter out the noise of your competitors. • Show you how to do this with little/no additional investment.
    4. 4. Who Am I?
    5. 5. Who Am I? (Really)
    6. 6. Student Loan Consolidation on the Web
    7. 7. • • • • • • • Who are these companies? Where are they located? What are they going to do for you? How much do their services cost? Who are the people in these photos? What separates one from another? Will a customer even remember who they contacted?
    8. 8. Three Types of Users • Immediate Converters – Landing Pages, Radio, TV, E-Mail • Referrals – Word of Mouth You Get These! You Might Get These • Long Term Conversions – Social Media, Large Organic Sites • Trust & Branding, Communicating with Clients How Do You Get These?
    9. 9. Three Types of Users • Immediate Converters – Easy to quantify • Referrals – Harder to quantify • Long Term Conversions – Hardest to quantify • Tracking technologies – Talk to Matt • If it was easy everyone would do it.
    10. 10. Our Presence @debthelporg / @debtonatorsays debtonatorsays
    11. 11. What does this all mean? • • • • We are real We are relatable We are accessible We are transparent
    12. 12. • • • • Real Relatable Accessible Transparent • Google Us.
    13. 13. How Can You Do This? (for little or no money) No Website? College Student or Wordpress Template Find a relatable existing employee that loves social media Give them autonomy Find Bloggers to Contribute to your Website
    14. 14. What Else Can You Do? • Write content that doesn’t have to do with selling your service. – • Be Altruistic. Show you care about something more than a sale. They’ll notice. • Tweet as your company • Run a Contest
    15. 15. What Else Can You Do? • The Best Marketing is FREE. Leads ‘Wanted Information Only’? Be nice and they’ll share your company. • Be REAL. Showoff your employees and their interests. • Share the content of others. They’ll return the favor.
    16. 16. What Else Can You Do? • Follow #trends and use them as a springboard for discussion. • Join groups. Become an Expert. – Quora, Yahoo Answers, Facebook • “If you take care of your existing customers, they will take care of your new customers” – Jason Fried (37Signals) • Become a Taco Bell. – Deliver a consistent product and UX. – Don’t worry about marketing. (optional)
    17. 17. You Can Do It! Questions?
    18. 18. Building a Brand in an Industry of Anonymity Jon Robinson @jrobinson82 jbrobinson413