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Every educator has their favorite web tools. Here's my own favorites in my role as a school administrator. I explore everything from Evernote, to Chrome Browser apps.

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  • Notetaking: This the most obvious use since that is the app’s design. But Evernote adds some capabilities to that process: obviously the anywhere-anytime access to notes, tagged notes for easy access, sharing notes through social media or email. Take notes at an important meeting then send them which ever parties need them.Administrator Log: I’ve kept an administrators log every since I put on the assistant principal’s cap. At one time I used a simple running MS Word file on my desktop. I have moved that to Evernote for the same reasons I use it for note taking. My administrators log contains investigation notes, notes regarding meetings with parents, discipline information about discipline incidents. Evernote gives the ability to access my notes on any device: my laptop, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android phone. I can catalogue those notes for easy access with tags.Collection tool for sharing items: As you access the web, there are often articles or web pages that you discover would be great to share with others. Evernote allows you to capture those pages, then share them through email or social media. You can store them in Evernote until such time as you’re read to share.Online Inbasket: Instead of using a physical basket, you can place actual items in a notebook entitled inbasket which represents things to do.Weekly to do list: using Evernote for a to do list means you have access anywhere and with any device. I can check it on my desktop, on the web, on my Droid phone or my iPad. My to do list is always with me.Sticky Notes: a new Evernote Trunk item that allows you post sticky notes to your desktop. Better yet, these sticky notes are synced to your evernote account.Web Clipping: with a simple extension, you can clip a web page to you evernote account. Great for those pages that need to be reviewed later.SHOW PARTICIPANTS EVERNOTE WEB, EVERNOTE DESKTOP, SETTINGS FOR EACH, THE EVERNOTE CLEARLY, EVERNOTE WEB CLIPPER AND THE NOTEBOOKS I’VE SET UP
  • Bookmarks and repository: I use Diigo to collect resources throughout the week to share with staff in my weekly email update. I also post these to my staff groups on Diigo.Highlight significant information: Using the toolbar I can highlight important points in text I want my staff to see. I can share the highlighted points with parents.Use sticky notes: with the sticky note function in the Diigo toolbar I can make comments and notes of my own and share those with staff or parents.Diigo groups: lots of Diigo groups to recommend staff join, also creating custom Diigo groups for my self, create for staff development resources like an iPad group. Project based learning groupSet up specific issue groups: set up cyberbullying group or other issues groups. Hope to one day share these groups with parents.Diigo as online professional development: set up groups to meet specific needs of staff members or to focus on stated needs professionally. Store resources there for these specific needs.Collection point for action research: staff decides to tackle a specific school-wide problem like our school has issue with students not turning work in on time. Use Diigo to collect and share what we all find on the topic.Use the note taking Chrome App: an app that’s free that allows you to take notes that are then synced to your Diigo account.Diigo is accessible from any device anywhere.SH0W PARTICIPANTS MY DIIGO ACCOUNT, GROUPS, THE DIIGO TOOLBAR FEATURES, THE CHROME APP FEATURES
  • Making announcements: Our staff loads Skype first thing in the morning. We use it to share announcements throughout the day: early dismissal for tennis team, calling students to office, posting information that needs to get out to staff immediately.On-going discussions: conducting Skype debates, post an issue dilemma or decision on Skype then throughout the day staff comments as they get an opportunity.Teachers meetings: on a snow day, we met through Skype to make decisions about the school. Scheduling etc.New Staff Member Interviews: interviewed a science teacher from Florida and a guidance counselor in New York
  • Online faculty-staff forms and documents: create a folder to be shared, did with School Improvement and accreditation documents. Instead of giving the Advanced Ed team a flash drive, I sent them an invite to a Dropbox folder that had every document they requested.Collection box for bragging items: easy to set up. Drag and drop articles, texts of emails, anything into folder to later share with others.Portable file cabinet: this is my main use of Dropbox, all my school related files are placed in my Dropbox folder. I no longer leave my file cabinet in my office. In fact, I hardly use it. My file cabinet is with me on every device: desktop, iPad, and Droid phone and now on my Kindle Fire too!Collection point for documents collected from staff: instead of having them all send things to you as attachments, set up a Dropbox folder and have them dump their documents like emergency lesson plans right there. Makes them accessible anywhere.REVIEW DROPBOX ONLINE SETUP, DESKTOP SETUP, HOW TO SET UP SHARED FOLDERS, SHOW THEM THE SACS FOLDER TO ILLUSTRATE WHAT WAS SHARED.
  • DISCLAIMER: I PERSONALLY DO NOT USE THIS APPLICATION MUCH, BUT I THINK IT IS AN EXCELLENT APP, PERHAPS AN ALTERNATIVE TO THOSE WHO DO NOT LIKE EVERNOTE THOUGH I CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY.Create notebooks: like Evernote users can create notebooks to organize and collect.Note taking: this app also lends itself to notetaking like evernoteChecklists and to do lists; same as evernote.Web clipping: use to clip information and web pagesAllows tagging for easy access to informationEmail yourself reminders in your to do list. This is something Evernote does not do.Sharing through social media and email like EvernoteSticky note board: you can create one within your Springpad notebooks.TAKE PARTICIPANTS ON A TOUR THROUGH THE SOFTWARE EMPHASIZING THE THINGS ABOVE
  • Simple Note taking: this is one of the simplest note taking apps. Bare bones and very uncomplicated.Can share and publish notes to web.Printing notes when you need a hard copyThere are iPad and iPhone apps available for more levels of access. They are working on an android app.Cheap at $19 per year for paid version.
  • Solution for organizing desktop icons in both free version and paid versionYou can customize the locations of the icon groups on your desktopPaid app of $19 allows you to automatically place icons in individual fencesYou can customize the appearance of the fencesTAKE PARTICIPANTS THROUGH THE FENCES DESKTOP TOOL, REVIEW HOW THEY ARE SET UP, THE CUSTOM FEATURES AND WEB SITE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD
  • Awesome screenshort extension: easily take screenshots and annotate. DEMONSTRATE THE APPEvernote Clearly App: reduce web articles to simple reading, upload them to your Evernote account or print them. DEMONSTRATE THE APPSend to Kindle: suppose you find a rather long article you would like to read later. What better place to put it than your Kindle this app allows you to do just that. DEMONSTRATE HOW TO USE THE APPGmail checker: simple alert to when you have gmail, SHOW THEM THE APPDIIGO TOOLBAR: review from earlierEVERNOTE WEB CLIPPER; allows you to clip pages and put them in your Evernote note books. DEMONSTRATE HOW TO USE THE APP
  • Offline Google Mail: this app allows you to work with your email offline. You can read and compose and send later using this app. DEMONSTRATE APPQuick Note: app allows you to take notes then syn them to your Diigo account for sharing or later reference DEMO THE APPQR Code Generator: easy way to generate QR codes to put in documents DEMO THE APPSticky notes app: gives you a sticky note board right in your Chrome browser REVIEW APP IN DEMOKindle Cloud Reader: access my Kindle library through the web. DEMO THE APPRead Later Fast: nice way to store reading items for later reading DEMO THE APPTweetdeck: a Tweetdeck version right in your Chrome browser
  • Web tools for busy administrator

    1. 1.  21st Century Leadership Series
    2. 2.  Notetaking Administrator Log Collection Tool for Sharing Items Online Inbasket Weekly To-Do List Sticky Notes Web Clipping
    3. 3.  Bookmarks and repository of items to share Highlight significant information for sharing Use sticky note feature to add thoughts & ideas for further reflection Recommend Diigo groups, create school-based groups, encourage teachers to create groups Set up specific-issue groups Use Diigo as online professional development Use as collection point for action-research resources Use note taking Chrome App to share notes
    4. 4.  Making announcements On-going discussions Teachers Meetings New Staff Member Interviews
    5. 5.  Online Faculty-staff forms and documents folder Collection box for school bragging items Portable file cabinet Collection point for documents collected from staff
    6. 6.  Create notebooks to organize information Note taking tool Checklists and To Do Lists Web clipping Tagging for easy access Email reminders for items in notebooks Sharing through email and social media Sticky Note Board
    7. 7.  Simplest note taking app Sharing and publishing to web Printing notes iPad and iPhone access
    8. 8. Does Your Desktop look like this?
    9. 9.  Organize desktop icons Customize locations on desktop Paid app allows for saving to individual fences Customize appearanceshttp://www.stardock.com/products/fences/downloads.asp
    10. 10.  Awesome Screenshot App Evernote Clearly App Send to Kindle Gmail Checker Diigo Toolbar Evernote Web Clipper
    11. 11.  Offline Google Mail Quick Note QR Code Generator Sticky Notes Kindle Cloud Reader Read Later Fast Tweetdeck
    12. 12. Contact InformationJohn RobinsonPrincipalThe Discovery High School at Newton Conover605 North Ashe AveNewton, NC 28658Twitter: 21stprincipalBlog: http://the21stcenturyprincipal.blogspot.com/Wiki: https://21stprincipaltools.wikispaces.com/Diigo: principal21st