Structural organization of LSA architecture


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This presentation was shown in SISO Spring 2013. Now about possible evolutions of LSA group

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Structural organization of LSA architecture

  1. 1. Structural organization of LSA architecture Presented by Jose R Martinez2013 Spring SIW
  2. 2. SpeakerJosé Ramón Martínez SalioMSc Industrial Engineering AGENDAPresales Team DirectorNADS  LSA manifesto  Some exquisite dissections  A call for  Questions Total time 30 minutes 2013 Spring SIW
  3. 3. Slicing LSA: rationale • LSA cannot be afforded as a whole • Divide and conquer • Make people responsible • Debate, debate, debateProposed LSA layer structure 2013 Spring SIW
  4. 4. LSA manifestoA program of action 1. Establish a logical division 2. Create work groups 3. Assign responsibles 4. Decide some initial tasks 5. Create threads 6. Work on it! 2013 Spring SIW
  5. 5. Layers Overview Simulators; new and existing (included legacy) Current simulation architectures; HLA, DIS, TENA DDS simulators Arch specific APIs GatewaysSimulators HLA Services New ServicesHLA DIS TENA Simulation ServicesDDS DDS DDS Common interface Data-centric Middleware: OMG DDSI Open Wire protocol 2013 Spring SIW
  6. 6. Some exquisite dissections1. DDS communication layer2. Common data model: e.g. state machine3. Simulation Services4. Interfaces with another standards: HLA, DIS and TENA5. Interfaces with another SISO groups LSA CORE (*)Based on SISO LSA Study Group TOR 2013 Spring SIW
  7. 7. DDS communication layer• DDS communication layer – Explore the limits: Wan and internet – Security in communications: what are the real simulation necessities? Do they fit the standard? – DDSI evolution – Possible specific evolutions of DDS for simulation – In simulation – In RTES – In Scada – In Smart grids Real time systems in Frigates – In BI – In Medicine 2013 Spring SIW
  8. 8. Common data model• Do we really need to define a common data model? – State machine model – Rigid model vs flexible model – Common schema or metamodel? Include QoS on it. – Specific models for specific functions: e.g. loading simulation models – Relation with ANDEM: do we aim the same targets? 2013 Spring SIW
  9. 9. Simulation services• Simulation services – Addressing HLA services: time management – Going beyond HLA services: e.g. latency service – Common and minimum API for interfacing – Common data modeling? – The need for a Standard for services/certification of services 2013 Spring SIW
  10. 10. Interfaces with another standards: HLA, DIS and TENAAdding up, never fighting against the other standards isthe key : – Direct API with the standards – HLA, DIS and TENA build over DDS without data bridges – Alignment with LVCAR study objectives – Can we evolve the standards or just bring them together? 2013 Spring SIW
  11. 11. Interfaces with another standards: HLA, DIS and TENAGateways/data bridges: – Standardization of internal architecture – Additional/support functions: establishing a minimum set • coordinates conversion • dead reckoning, smoothing – Can we apply/change/refresh current standards to guarantee a minimum? LVC-IME Capability Pattern 2013 Spring SIW
  12. 12. Liaisons with other groups From: LSA minutes Fall SIW 2012.pdfLiaisons with other groups has beenidentified: •• C-BML: Use DDS as a transport tivities/DevelopmentGroups/CBMLPD alternative GCoalitionBattleManagementLanguag• BOM (Base object model): Extension e.aspx of the models and distribution of the • models• ANDEM SG: (Architecture Neutral • tivities/StudyGroups/ANDEMSGArchit Data Exchange Model) LSA data formats could be interesting for this px group• DDS OMG: The standard can be • evolved if needed uments/dds_spec_catalog.htm 2013 Spring SIW
  13. 13. A call for actionWe need: • Your involvement • Debate, debate, debateVolunteer to: • LEAD an area • Add new elements to an area • Do some tasks in an area • Debate in a forum LSA can only grow up with your expertise GET INVOLVED!!! 2013 Spring SIW
  14. 14. To get involved with LSA Contact: Spring SIW
  15. 15. DEBATE and QUESTIONS2013 Spring SIW
  16. 16. Please address any questions about this presentation to: José Ramón Martínez Salio Technical Presales Director jrmartinez@nads.es2013 Spring SIW