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SimWare Rti: HLA raised to the power of DDS


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Know how HLA can use DDS as it´s RTI without any data bridge or gateways.

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SimWare Rti: HLA raised to the power of DDS

  1. 1. DDS HLAWhat is HLA raised to the power of DDS?
  2. 2. SimWare RTIwhere HLA meets DDS
  3. 3. Simulation today: Use of different standards  HLA and DIS cover more than the 70% TENA of the demand. Both are standards OO design embraced by IEEE and SISO and Information management known worldwideOwnership transfer  These architectures have significant Save & Restore overlap in capabilities and Initialize a Pass interactions requirements federation DIS QOS Supportoptions Multiple message types Resign Unreliable Synchronize Networks Event CTIAordering Persistent HLA Database
  4. 4. An assessment of HLA present capabilities  Wire protocol does not exist A IEEE and NATO (Stanag 4603) standards  The entire standard tries to limit communication An accepted standard for interoperating simulators  QoS are very limited. Has meta-data model (OMT)  Lack of plug&play capacities. Define rules for interoperability  Performance is not enough for massive data distribution Many COTS from different across heterogeneous vendors networks. Services are part of HLA  API is hard to use  No security standard  Model is rigid
  5. 5. Meet DDSin simulation
  6. 6. DDS was born in 2003 as the real time backbone in Frigates… … has now a full spectrum of applications DDS en otros ámbitos industriales – In simulation – In RTES – In Scada – In Smart grids Real time systems in – In BI Frigates – In Medicine 2003 2012
  7. 7. Why use DDS in Simulation? Data Data COMMUNICATION Write r Reader Data Data Write Reader r• DDS is centered in controlling the TOPIC “D” Data TOPIC “A” communication Write r Data [DDS Global Data Space] Reader• HLA tries to minimize the TOPIC “B” communication. It cannot control it Data TOPIC “C” Data Write• Write DIS trust the communication r r SCALABILITY and FAULT TOLERANCE • DDS has automatic discovery, is fully publish-subscriber, no single point of failure • HLA is central server based: scalability and fault tolerance are difficult
  8. 8. Why use DDS in Simulation? LESS-THAN-PERFECT COMMUNICATIONS• DDS has been proved over small bandwidth (4800 bps in digital network radios)• DDS can cope with heterogeneous networks REAL TIME SIMULATION • Military platforms use DDS as the communication backbone • Simulating with DDS can incorporate this data in real time
  9. 9. When worlds collide
  10. 10. HLA and DDS; DDS and HLA: the odd couple?SimWare has put together the simulation stardard –HLA- plus the best communication in real time –DDS-The result is called SimWare RTI
  11. 11. SimWare RTI : The first RTI to join DDS with HLA RTI HLA Run Time Infrastructure designed for real time performance in large federations IEEE 1516 HLA API for virtual and live simulations Use DDS for Data Distribution  functionality of an HLA RTI with the features, performance, power and reliability of OMG DDS standard No gateways needed to connect HLA to DDS Full HLA services support as required in virtual & live simulations :  federation management  declaration management  object management  ownership management
  12. 12. Try now SimWare RTI 1.2!!!• Includes complete SimWare 4.2• Also include the new SimWare RTI 1.2; HLA running over DDS without data bridges
  13. 13. Please address any questions about this presentation to: José Ramón Martínez Salio Technical Presales Director @NADS_news /NEXTELADS jrmses Nextel Aerospace