SimWare rti hello world: Webinar


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Join me in this webinar about how to install and run SimWare RTI.
SimWare RTI is the first HLA implementation over DDS.

Video link to the recorded webinar is included!!

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SimWare rti hello world: Webinar

  1. 1. DDS SimWare RTI HLAwhere HLA the power of DDS? What is HLA raised to meets DDS
  2. 2. SpeakersJosé Ramón Martínez José Carlos DíazMSc Industrial Engineering MSc ComputingPresales Team Leader International Sales ManagerNADS
  3. 3. Meet DDSin simulation
  4. 4. DDS was born in 2003 as the real time backbone in Frigates… … has now a full spectrum of applications DDS en otros ámbitos industriales – In simulation – In RTES – In Scada – In Smart grids Real time systems in – In BI Frigates – In Medicine 2003 2012
  5. 5. Using DDS as a HLA RTI: Advantages Data Data CONTROLLING COMMUNICATION Write r Reader Data Data Write Reader r• DDS is centered in controlling the TOPIC “D” Data TOPIC “A” communication Write r Data [DDS Global Data Space] Reader• HLA tries to minimize the TOPIC “B” communication. It cannot control it Data TOPIC “C” Data Write Write r r SCALABILITY and FAULT TOLERANCE • DDS has automatic discovery, is fully publish-subscriber, no single point of failure • HLA is central server based: scalability and fault tolerance are difficult
  6. 6. Using DDS as a HLA RTI: Advantages LESS-THAN-PERFECT COMMUNICATIONS• DDS has been proved over small bandwidth (4800 bps in digital network radios)• DDS can cope with heterogeneous networks REAL TIME SIMULATION • Military platforms use DDS as the communication backbone • Simulating with DDS can incorporate this data in real time
  7. 7. SimWare RTI : The first RTI to join DDS with HLA RTI HLA Run Time Infrastructure designed for real time performance in large federations 1516 API IEEE 1516 HLA API for virtual and live simulations Use DDS for Data Distribution  functionality of an HLA RTI with the features, performance, power and reliability of OMG DDS standard No gateways needed to connect HLA to DDS Full HLA services support as required in virtual & live simulations :  federation management  declaration management Communication + QoS  object management  ownership management
  8. 8. Hands onBelieving is good, seeing is better… doing it is even better
  9. 9. Hands On Agenda  Installation of the product  Structure of directories & documentation ETHERNET  Environment variables  License  Communication layer: QoS  Running the server Windows  Connecting a test client  Running the test client  Modifying and compiling the test client; environment, compilers, etc.
  10. 10. QUESTIONS?
  11. 11. Please address any questions about this presentation to: José Ramón Martínez Salio Technical Presales Director @NADS_news /NEXTELADS jrmses Nextel Aerospace