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SimWare and the new LSA study group on SISO


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Meet NADS people in this webinar about LSA iniciative

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SimWare and the new LSA study group on SISO

  1. 1. PRESENTS
  2. 2. SIMWAREand the new LSA study group of SISO
  3. 3. SpeakersJosé Ramón Martínez Salio José Carlos DíazMSc Industrial Engineering MSc ComputingPresales Team Director International Sales ManagerNADS NADS
  4. 4. AGENDA  DDS in simulation  The LSA study group in SISO  SimWare in a nutshell  SimWare and the LSA architecture model  Summary  Questions Total time 45 minutes
  5. 5. DDS in simulation
  6. 6. DDS was born in 2003 as the real time backbone in Frigates… … has now a full specktrum of applications DDS en otros ámbitos industriales – In simulation – In RTES – In Scada – In Smart grids Real time systems in – In BI Frigates – In Medicine 2003 2012
  7. 7. Why use DDS in Simulation? Data Data COMMUNICATION Write r Reader Data Data Write Reader r• DDS is centered in controlling the TOPIC “D” Data TOPIC “A” communication Write r Data [DDS Global Data Space] Reader• HLA tries to minimize the TOPIC “B” communication. It cannot control it Data TOPIC “C” Data Write• Write DIS trust the communication r r SCALABILITY and FAULT TOLERANCE • DDS has automatic discovery, is fully publish-subscriber, no single point of failure • HLA is central server based: scalability and fault tolerance are difficult
  8. 8. Why use DDS in Simulation? LESS-THAN-PERFECT COMMUNICATIONS• DDS has been proved over small bandwidth (4800 bps)• DDS can cope with heterogeneous networks REAL TIME SIMULATION • Military platforms use DDS as the communication backbone • Simulating with DDS can incorporate this data in real time
  9. 9. DDS vs HLA RTI
  10. 10. The LSA study group in SISO
  11. 11. Rationale for SISO Layered SimulationArchitecture Can we exploit these…• Rationale for SISO Layered Simulation Advances in Data-centric Architecture Net-centric Middleware interoperability Open systems Simulation architecture Architectures …to improve these?
  12. 12. LSA study group in SISO • In SISO fall 2012 an LSA study group was established • Interim Progress Report at 2013 Spring SIW • Final report fall 2013Proposed LSA layer structure
  13. 13. Open LSA (Layered Simulation Architecture)• A forum to explore and develop a consensus view of the applicability of modern principles of network centric interoperability and open systems architecture• Definition of different layers to enable looser coupling among simulation applications will be addressed LSA CORE (*)Based on SISO LSA Study Group TOR
  14. 14. Focus of interest identified From: LSA minutes Fall SIW 2012.pdfFour different potential topics of interestwere identified:1. Defining how to use DDS for distributed simulation2. Defining a gateway between DIS and DDS3. Defining a gateway between HLA and DDS4. Defining how to use DDS under the HLA API
  15. 15. Liaisons with other groups From: LSA minutes Fall SIW 2012.pdfLiaisons with other groups has beenidentified: •• C-BML: Use DDS as a transport ities/DevelopmentGroups/CBMLPDGCo alternative alitionBattleManagementLanguage.aspx• BOM (Base object model): Extension of the models and distribution of the • models• ANDEM SG: (Architecture Neutral Data • Exchange Model) LSA data formats could ities/StudyGroups/ANDEMSGArchitectu be interesting for this group reNeutralDataExchangeModel.aspx• DDS OMG: The standard can be evolved • if needed ments/dds_spec_catalog.htm
  16. 16. SimWare in a nutshell
  17. 17. SimWare: creating simulatorsSimWare is a simulation framework forcreating new simulators from scratch• Create new simulators without seeing any code• Care only about data model• Simulation backbone is DDS
  18. 18. SimWare: managing simulatorsSimWare is a simulation framework for managing new simulators and oldsimulators in joint simulation• Manage your new simulator • Control the instances of the simulation• Manage old simulators in joint simulations
  19. 19. SimWare: joint simulationsWith SimWare you can manage joint simulator of existing HLAand DIS simulators• Connect and Life simulation control • DIS • Pitch HLA • Mäk HLA • DDS• Add DDS live simulations HLA federation Legacy simulation
  20. 20. Simware : THE IRC REVOLUTIONInteroperability Reusability Composability
  21. 21. SimWare and the LSA architecture model
  22. 22. How can SimWare fit into LSA model? Model Driven M&S Development Tool RunTime SimulationHLA RTI Infrastructure HLA RTI based on DDS GW DDS based Simulation Data Bus Visual Tool for Gateways SimWare fits into LSA model !!!
  23. 23. SimWare aimed to LSA modelSimWare is growing towards LSA• SimWare RTI: Will became a complete HLA implementation in 2013• DIS-DDS bridges by using SimWare will be available in 2013• New developments in model reusability are being proposed aligned with LSA model• DIS over DDS is being considered• NADS is an active participant in LSA
  24. 24. Summary
  25. 25. Get involved with LSA• LSA group need volunteers to complete its tasks• LSA is the perfect framework to evolve simulation standards and discuss new approaches to interoperabilityContact:
  26. 26. Try now SimWare 4.2!!!• Includes complete SimWare 4.2• Also include the new SimWare RTI 1.2; HLA running over DDS without data bridges
  27. 27. QUESTIONS?
  28. 28. Please address any questions about this presentation to: José Ramón Martínez Salio Technical Presales Director