HLA over DDS


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NADS presents SimWare HLA. The one and only HLA that runs over DDS without gateways. Use main simulation architecture over the best real time communication layer.

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HLA over DDS

  1. 1. SimWare HLA RTI: the next frontier
  2. 2. Evolution of standards in simulation • First Distributed Simulation for US Army.SIMNET • Developed by DARPA in the 80’s. 1980s •Based on SIMNET DIS •NATO standard (STANAG 4482) until 2010, IEEE 1278 standard 1990s • IEEE 1516 standard since 2000 HLA • NATO standard (STANAG 4603) 1990s • HLA evolution for Test and training ranges.TENA • Design to improve reliability, interoperability and performance over HLA 2000s •Service-oriented paradigm. Provide some level of service even in unreliable communication networks CTIA • Advanced service capabilities. Developed by Looked Martin 2000s • Convergence of services between HLA, TENA and CTIA THEFUTURE • Common object model, Common interoperability mechanism, Security requirements ????
  3. 3. Simulation today: Use of different standards • HLA and DIS cover more than the 70% TENA of the demand. Both are standards OO design embraced by IEEE and SISO and Information management known worldwideOwnership transfer • These architectures have significant Save & Restore overlap in capabilities and Initialize a Pass interactions requirements federation DIS QOS Supportoptions Multiple message types Resign Unreliable Synchronize Networks Event CTIAordering Persistent HLA Database
  4. 4. An assessment of HLA present capabilitiesA IEEE and NATO (Stanag 4603) Wire protocol does not exist.standards. QoS are very limited.An accepted standard for Lack of plug&play capacities.interoperating simulators. Performances are not enough forHas meta-data model (OMT) massive data distribution acrossDefine rules for interoperability. heterogeneous networks.Many COTS from different API is hard to usevendors. No security standardServices are part of HLA.
  5. 5. OMG DDS: a perfect complement to HLA Designed for Real Time Data performance. The Wire Protocol is part of the standard (DDSi). Great scalability: from parallel computing to large scale networks. Offers a complete suite (22) of QoS for the spatial and time managing in data distribution. Very Low and predictable latencies. Built-in robustness for fault tolerance Plug&Play capabilities. Security standard
  6. 6. DDS: Data Distribution ServiceDDS is a suit of standards of theOMG DDS provides and manages real time comunication based on publication and subscription Architecture is based on data diffusion. Data are based on the net. There is no data coupling. For controlling the details of the communication it has 22 quality of services (QoS)
  7. 7. The OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS)• DDS v1.2 API Standard Language Independent, OS and HW architecture independent – DCPS. Standard API for Data- Centric, Topic-Based, Real-Time Publish/Subscribe – DLRL. Standard API for creating Object Views out of collection of Topics• DDSI/RTPS v2.1 Wire Protocol Standard – Standard wire protocol allowing interoperability between different implementations of the DDS standard – Interoperability demonstrated among key DDS vendors since 2009
  8. 8. Global data space All communication is data decoupled: participants only need to know the data they want to send to the net –publish- and the data they want to receive –subscribe-.  Don t know previously who is sending or receiving these data  Don t know when these data will arrive Publishers and subscribers are adjusted automatically and dinamically by DDS dynamic discovery Data space
  9. 9. Quality of services (QoS) Are communication qualities, characteristics associated with the distribution of information. There are four general categories: o Control of local resources. o Spatial control of the data distribution. o Lifecycle information. o Time-related characteristics of the information. Many QoS are adjusted according to a model of supply and demand. Subscribers request a minimum quality and the publishers offer a quality when sending. If both coincide, data is received.
  10. 10. HLA and DDS; DDS and HLA: the odd couple? SimWare has put together the simulation stardard –HLA- plus the best communication in real time –DDS- The result is called SimWare HLA RTI
  11. 11. SimWare RTI : The first RTI to join DDS with HLA RTI HLA Run Time Infrastructure designed for real time performance in large federations IEEE 1516 HLA API for virtual and live simulations Use DDS for Data Distribution  functionality of an HLA RTI with the features, performance, power and reliability of OMG DDS standard No gateways needed to connect HLA to DDS. Full HLA services support as required in virtual & live simulations :  federation management  declaration management  object management  ownership management
  12. 12. NEXTEL AEROSPACE DEFENCE & SECURITY S.L.Avenida de Manoteras, 1828050 Madrid – Spain+34 91 803 38 02www.nads.es