Added value of SimWare


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SimWare is the first simulation framework that allows seamless interoperation between any HLA vendor or between DDS and HLA. Discover all the functionality of SimWare!!

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Added value of SimWare

  1. 1. Added value of SimWare Why do I really need it?
  2. 2. The best data model with real time communication• The best data model with real time communication HLA OMG data model running in a DDSI real time bus. DDS quality of services (QoS) for all your data.
  3. 3. Easy and real data modeling Create your data model from your FOM model  No changes, no tricks. Edit, add and delete your model  We will build the library for you.
  4. 4. Simple API Name DescriptionSimple API to create simulators DDS_OPENSPLICE Simulation over DDS using the implementation of OpenSplice. With just two lines you can create and join a simulation in HLA or DDS. HLA13_DMSO Simulation using DMSO RTI with HLA13. HLA13_MAK Simulation using MAK RTI with Same API for HLA or DDS: HLA13. just change one string. HLA13_PITCH Simulation using PITCH RTI with HLA13. HLA1516_NEXTEL Simulation using SIMWARE RTI. Add Quality of Services to your entities. HLA1516_MAK Simulation using MAK RTI with HLA1516. HLA1516_PITCH Simulation using PITCH RTI with HLA1516.
  5. 5. Make your simulation models reusableCreate simulation models youcan reuse Scheduler (executable)  Simulation models can be Simulation Engines Modules edited, changed and reused. (dynamic libraries) SimWare  You don t need to create new models for each new <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> simulator. - <!-- ............................................................................. | - Project: Simshapes | - Module: all | - FileName: Simshapes.xml | - Operating System: independent | - CopyRight NADS 2011 ............................................................................. --> - <config>  Simulation models can be - <!-- Nodo OC --> <EJEC nid="2" id="3" name="EJEC" HlaFed="Aislado" HlaSom="Som.xml" SchedFrec="25" HTime="5" GTime="3" TTime="0" UTime="3" NotIni="no" NotFin="no" added to the simulation just NotCierre="no" Critico="si" NotGrab="si" /> - <!-- Three engines --> - <EHOST4 nid="2" id="4" name="MOTOR1" SchedSecuencial="si" NotIni="si" changing a configuration file. NotFin="si" NotCierre="no" Critico="si" NotGrab="si"> <Mod0 nid="2" id="16" name="Modulo_ModCIRCLE" type="Modulo_ModCIRCLE" SchedFrec="50" SchedOrden="0" SchedPrio="1" SchedOffset="0" NotIni="no" NotDisc="no" NotEstab="no" NotFin="si" NotCierre="no" Critico="si" NotGrab="si" /> </EHOST4> </config> - <!-- ........................................................................... --> With SimWare your simulation models became your assets
  6. 6. Data gateways only know about dataEasily modifiable gateways Gateways are just data bridges no complicated conversers. Gateways can be changed easily; 1. Just choose the data to communicate. 2. We will create the application for you. 3. Finally join the simulation.
  7. 7. Full simulation frameworkSimWare is a full simulation TOOLS for APPLICATIONS forframework DEVELOPMENT RUN-TIME Modeler Scheduler We provide all the tools for PowerLink Simulation Engines creating a full simulator SimDeveloper Simulation Modules We provide all the applications GPGUI ACS for running your simulator ARM User-tailored using NcWare Sim & data No programming skills are model needed: You don t need to see SimWare RTI any code.
  8. 8. Command the runtimeSimWare puts you in command Data model of control  Not hard-coded: is only data Scheduler for time and control  Choose the frequency  Control the state machine ACS is a real command console  Run it!
  9. 9. Simulation elements became instancesChange your simulation duringruntime Simulation elements can be added, modified and deleted during runtime. Each element can be instantiated multiple times with different parameters.
  10. 10. Create your own simulation elementsCreate your simulation elements /*************************/ /* AirplanePublisher.cpp */ /*************************/ #include <string> Just add an “include” to your own #include <NCWareSim.h> #include <ModellerTutorial.h> code. int main() { ncware::Simulation * simulation;  Include NcWare Sim API to use simulation = ncware::SimFactory::createSimulation("1", "airplane", ncware::Trans simulation and publish and portType::DDS_OPENSPLICE ); simulation->Join(); subscribe. ncware::SimPublisher<Vector3D> * dataPublisher; dataPublisher =ncware::SimFactory::createPublisher<Vector3D>( simulation); dataPublisher->registerInstanceList("Boeing747");  Include data model to use it. Console Console 2 Console 3 Pressure Temp X Pressure Temp Y 1 X XX Y Y /Sensor/Temp* /Sensor/ *X /Sensor/Pressur e*
  11. 11. Interoperability, interoperability, interoperabilitySimWare makes interoperability easy Interoperate HLA with DDS or another vendor HLA. Interoperate DDS of any vendor with DDSI.
  12. 12. Famous last words
  13. 13. Data centric approach to simulation Architecture and design of the system can be fully data centric  Modeler models data.  Powerlink links data into gateways.  All tools use data to publish and subscribe All system logic is data, even simulation control Data space
  14. 14. Simulation modules are assets.Simulation Modules becomeassets Your models can be edited, changed and deleted. Your model become reusable. Avoid “ad hoc” architecture for every new simulation. Create your family of models!!!
  15. 15. For more informationJose-Maria LopezVP, Business Development and Sales Director // http://www.simware.esjmlopez@nads.esJose Ramon MartinezTechnical presales //